Review: HOLMES AND WATSON at Park Square Theatre

This production runs now through August 21st

By: Jul. 19, 2022
Review: HOLMES AND WATSON at Park Square Theatre

Sherlock Holmes is dead, or is he? Dr. Watson receives a telegram from a mental asylum: three patients are claiming to be Sherlock Holmes. Did the world's greatest sleuth fake his own death? Who's the real detective and who are the imposters? Tight, clever, and full of suspense, this is Jeffrey Hatcher (Sherlock Holmes and the Ice Palace Murders; Mr. Holmes; The Good Liar) at his best.

This was a great summer night out at the theatre. I am a fan of Sherlock Holmes and this production felt like watching a live mystery action movie on stage. The costumes and the color scheme worked really well with the set along with the effective lighting and sounds.

Review: HOLMES AND WATSON at Park Square Theatre All of the actors were great and strong charachters. Everyone had a good dialect and chemistry with each other. The three that played Sherlock Holmes also played thier version of Sherlock in a way that you kept wondering the whole time, who is Sherlock Holmes?!

Review: HOLMES AND WATSON at Park Square Theatre I could tell the audience was trying to figure it out throughout the production. It left audiences on the edge of thier seats as you felt like you would have it figured out and all of the sudden there would be some twist. I don't want to give too much away so that is why you need to see it for yourself!

If you enjoy mystery and suspense, I would recommend seeing Holmes and Watson at Park Square Theatre.

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Photos by Dan Norman Photography