Interview: Isabelle Lacon of 'TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE… BY CIRQUE DU SOLEIL at Northrop

This produciton runs now through December 3

By: Nov. 29, 2023
Interview: Isabelle Lacon of 'TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE… BY CIRQUE DU SOLEIL at Northrop
Interview: Isabelle Lacon of 'TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE… BY CIRQUE DU SOLEIL at Northrop
Photo courtesy of Isabella Lacon

It’s the holidays, and this year, things are different. For years, Isabella and her father have read “A Visit from Saint Nicholas” “’Twas the Night Before Christmas” together. But this year Isabella feels like she’s outgrown the family tradition. But then the magic of the poem comes to life, and Isabella and her father are unexpectedly separated by a snowstorm that sends them on a fantastical journey. In a winter wonderland inspired by the poem, they discover whimsical characters, acrobats, children and reindeer who reunite father and daughter in the holiday spirit.

We chat with cast member Isabelle Lacon about the production and being in Minnesota!

What is your favorite part of the holidays?

My favorite part of the holidays as I have gotten older is the nostalgia of it all. Revisiting cherished traditions with my family, savoring the first snowfall of the year, the nerves of watching someone tear off the paper you carefully wrapped, hoping what you gifted them appropriately expresses your love. There’s a sensation to it all. An innocence and unadulterated joy I long for and am free to reconnect to during this season.  


What inspired you to be a performer?

I’m lucky to admit I have been a performer my whole life. I grew up at my mother’s studio and began dancing competitively at the age of four. What continued to inspire me to pursue it professionally was the sense of self it gave me. Through dance, I have become familiar with not just my physical body and her preferences, but also my values as a person. I understand how I work and collaborate with others, as well as what stories have shaped my experience and how I can tangibly share them with an audience. I remember in high school all of my friends beginning their college applications. It was never even a second thought for me. Being a performer is as much a part of me as my skin, my lungs, or my heart.

What do you do to prepare for your role?

How do you prepare  To prepare for my role on a broad scale, I have to immerse myself in the world we are creating. Les Tuques have individual personalities and quirks. We have names and personalized haircuts. Each of us is just as much of a main character as any other act in the show. With that knowledge and the assistance of our incredible dance coaches, I am able to link specificities in the choreography to the Tuques’ mission in the story. Beyond that, we are given freedom to make choices that feel true to our character. For example, my Tuques is “Joy” and she’s a bit ditzy, but whenever she’s snapped back into reality, she’s always prepared to partake in some hijinks or dance around in the snow with her friends. This personification of my character makes her feel more like an alter-ego of mine than just a role, which I feel better immerses the audience in our mission.

 What do you hope audiences take away from seeing ‘Twas the Night Before?

I hope audiences find a little bit of themselves in “Twas the Night Before”. The acrobatics and the visuals are fantastical, yes. But at the core of it all is a father trying to reconnect with his child through a Christmas tradition. For those that celebrate any holiday during this season, I’m sure you will feel some connection to that idea. It is my hope that each audience member, no matter their age, is reminded of someone they love deeply and how grateful they are to have them here, to hug them tightly, and to share their holiday joy with. For the children specifically, I hope they hold tightly to the wonder and awe that is clear on their faces. Someday, I hope they know how much of an impact they make on the performers as well. When a silly dancing elf blew you a kiss onstage and you were so excited because she looked right at you, she will never forget when you blew her a kiss right back.

Have you been to Minnesota before? Any places you are hoping to check out while here?

This is my first time in Minnesota! I have never had the pleasure of visiting before, but I have a whole list of places I’m hoping to explore. The Mall of America seems to be a no-brainer. However, I would love to see unique spots like Foshay Tower or do the Minneapolis art walk! I want to see how big that cherry on a spoon actually is.

Thank you Isabelle for your time! We're glad to have you in Minnesota!

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