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'Legally Blonde The Musical' - This One's For The Girls

This musical version of the popular Reese Witherspoon film is pure pink bubblegum.   Unfortunately, the gum never pops.

The young talented cast is always vibrant and sparkly.  However, the show chugs along and chugs along, and winds up breathless.  Indeed, the highlight of this show was any time a dog appeared. 

(Photo by Joan Marcus)

Elle is a Valley Girl who smartens up her act in order to attend Harvard, the law school her ex-boyfriend is attending.  That is pretty much it for plot.  The score contains not a single home run, the costumes and scenery are for sure, very nice.

'Legally Blonde The Musical' has a target audience.  The target is young women in the 21sh range.  In a musical you are supposed to entertain your target crowd; this show bores it to death, along with the theater goers surrounding them.

In a season seemingly filled with gems at the Broward Center, this show is tarnished and it will have difficulty holding anyone's attention for very long.  After the intermission it was easy to tell the large volume of attendees who left the theater during intermission.  How I envied them.

'Legally Blonde The Musical' has its best chance of entertaining females of a certain age and sorority sisters.  I warn you ladies, enter this world of pink bubblegum at your own risk.

The last performance of 'Legally Blonde The Musical' at the Broward Center is November 22.


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