Overture Announced 2017-18 Galleries I, II, and III

Overture Announced 2017-18 Galleries I, II, and IIIOverture Center announced today that their Gallery Selection Committee has chosen 12 exhibitions for the 2017/18 season of Overture Galleries I, II and III, which radiate off the Rotunda Lobby.

"We are fortunate in Madison to have so much local artistic talent. Overture is committed to providing a creative forum to feature artists, arts organizations and curators to encourage and elevate their work," said Ted DeDee, Overture's president and CEO. "Thanks to the continued support of our community, we are able to keep these exhibitions free, open and accessible to the public - by attendees waiting for a performance, school children waiting in line for an OnStage production or those passing through their home for the arts."

The exhibitions were selected in April by a committee that included local visual artists and art professionals:

· Brian Bartlett, MMOCA Technical Services Supervisor, painter

· Helen Lee, Assistant Professor of Glass, UW Madison

· Linda Mathis Rose, Madison painter, former Madison Metropolitan School District fine arts faculty

· Gail Simpson, Associate Professor of Sculpture, UW Madison

· Ray Zovar, Madison painter

Fall Cycle | Tuesday, September 12-Sunday, December 13, 2017

Gallery I - Elaine Daily-Birnbaum & Quenten Brown

The abstract works in this exhibition playfully blend reality and dreamlike imagery to create seemingly familiar yet unexplainable forms. Daily-Birnbaum draws on everyday experience to invoke interest and intrigue. Brown's structures morph contemporary technology and imagery into delicate, otherworldly constructions.

Gallery II - Colette Girard & Rose Kratchman

Photography captures reality, yet it also reveals unique perspectives that transform the ordinary into the unfamiliar. Girard's spontaneous images encourage an appreciation of the visual world. Kratchman's black and white photograms beautifully capture the essence of soap bubbles through new perspectives.

Gallery III - Robert Coberly & Richie Morales

Through painting Coberly and Morales reveal the complexity of contemporary structures, both physical and ideological. Coberly's architectural abstractions create tapestries of industry and modern city life. Morales reveals the duality of violence and consumerism embedded in materialistic society.

Winter Cycle | Tuesday, December 12, 2017-Sunday, March 4, 2018

Gallery I - Etudes: Madison Contemporary Fiber Artists Guild

This exhibition explores the use of "etudes" or studies to expand creative endeavors. Viewers will be engaged by the mundane things that can provide "a study" - images and themes that both shape our lives and improve an artist's virtuosity in their chosen medium.

Gallery II - Gideon Abbott, Chuck Bauer & Tom Cubr

These artists reveal the tension and tranquility within our environment. Abbott depicts city scenes through a pixilated lens, hinting at tension between technology & humanity. Bauer engages the viewer with nostalgic views of peaceful neighborhoods. Cubr's compositions suggest potential harmonies where humans and nature interact.

Gallery III - Greg Gregson & Christian Strait

Through different media these artists each explore memory and interpretation. Gregson using gestural line and dynamic compositions to interpret everyday objects and imagery. Strait layers photographs of iconic Madison sites to visually illustrate how our minds build memories of physical space.

Spring Cycle | Tuesday, March 13-Sunday, June 3, 2018

Gallery I - Water is Life

Water. It sustains us, cleanses us, and quenches our thirst. In the not-too-distant past, clean water was considered an endless resource. Recent developments from the Flint water crisis to pipeline protests are raising concerns about access to and quality of water, for current and future generations.

Gallery II - David Dexheimer, Erika Herrera & Dakota Mace

This exhibition explores cultural & social divisions rooted in history and embedded in contemporary society. Dexheimer's rich and expressive paintings chronicle recent conflicts between police & the public. Herrera's ethereal black and white photographs express her duality as a Mexican American. The intricate weavings of Mace re-contextualize traditional Diné (Navajo) practices, creating a dialogue between tradition and fine art.

Gallery III - Ryan Robinson & Alaura Seidl

Through distinct artistic practices, Robinson and Seidl seek to raise questions about contemporary society. Robinson paints everyday surroundings and people he encounters, filtered through film, music, and art history. Seidl uses the aesthetics of shadows to encourage viewers to reflect upon identity and the ineffability of individual experience.

Summer Cycle | Tuesday, June 12-Sunday, September 2, 2018

Gallery I - Amy Bethel & Lorraine Reynolds

Bethel & Reynolds repurpose, rebuild, and reimagine materials to create 3-dimensional works that blend nature, history and technology. Bethel's sculptures and installations explore notions of time and absurdity. Through assemblage Reynolds harnesses the nostalgia of found objects to awaken remembrance.

Gallery II - ShaRon Beckman & Sunil Gopalan

Beckman culls historical ephemera to create delicate collages that evoke memory and mystery, with birds recurring in her narratives. Gopalan highlights the beauty and elusive behaviors of birds around the world in his striking photographs.

Gallery III - #ReclaimBeauty Project & Comfort Wasikhongo

This exhibition investigates beauty as a cultural construct through imagery of the body. #ReclaimBeauty Project uses photography to capture unfiltered images and challenge contemporary perceptions. Wasikhongo reveals the anatomy and strength of the human body through paintings of professional bodybuilders.

Overture Galleries and their receptions (sponsored by Overture Center) are free and open to the public.

Located in Overture Center for the Arts at 201 State Street, Overture Galleries are free and open to the public Monday through Thursday from 9:00 a.m.-5:30 p.m., Friday from 9:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m., Saturday from 10:30 a.m.-9:00 p.m. and Sunday from 12:00 p.m.-5:00 p.m.

Gallery I sponsored by Webcrafters-Frautschi Foundation, the Arts Access Fund, a component fund of the Madison Community Foundation, and by contributions to Overture Center for the Arts.

Galleries II, III sponsored by the Arts Access Fund, a component fund of the Madison Community Foundation and by contributions to Overture Center for the Arts.

OVERTURE CENTER FOR THE ARTS in Madison, Wisconsin, features seven state-of-the-art performance spaces and five galleries where national and international touring artists, ten resident companies and hundreds of local artists engage people in nearly 700,000 educational and artistic experiences each year. Overture.org

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