Review: DUMPSTER FLOWER entertains at Broom Street Theatre

By: Apr. 09, 2017

Madisons's Broom Street Theatre boasts being one of, if not THE eldest experimental theater in the country. At nearly 50 years old, it is a Madison Staple. Their latest show, Dumpster Flower exemplifies their long-term success. You enter the theater and it is in chaos. Tech people yelling, interns milling around and the ghost that you can see, but no one else seems to notice.

From the mind of Malissa Petterson comes this wonderful tale of hope in a hopeless situation. Picture it; Nova Nilla Theatre is on its last leg, the last experimental theater in a city full of the same old. No Noel Coward here. Their latest exploit is a little show called "A Mid-Stoner Night's Dream" and due in part to an intern muttering the title of "the" Scottish play, (Macbeth for those who may not know) while with in the walls of the theater. (This superstition of bad luck surrounding uttering the name Macbeth has been around nearly as long as the play itself.) Now the theater crew must face an actor walk out. As the saying goes, "The show goes on" at least that's how the saying goes in this theater. With the Board of Directors breathing down their collective necks, the technical support crew must step up their game, and when they do, hilarity ensues.

The first act wonderfully sets up the characters and relationships. From the "will they or wont they" relationship between the Stage Manager (played gregariously and spot on by Stacey Garbarski) and the Technical Director (portrayed wonderfully by Desmond Hawkins) to the timid interns just learning the business, we get all the intricate details of their lives. This background is necessary for the second act, in which the, off-stage, behind-the-scenes people must take to the stage to save their Theater.

One of Broom Street Theater's traditions (if you will) has been to do one or two brush up rehearsals during the run of the show. In the past, this meant one serious run through of the show (usually the week after opening) and then one "FUN THROUGH" which was a full run, but a bit more silly. The second act of this show felt like a giant "FUN THROUGH".

From the horrible acting (acting this bad takes talent) of intern Betty G (Elliott Puckette) to the random wonderings of Paul (Nick Kaprelian) the security guard in a secret relationship with Chic (Alyssa Stowe) the laughs keep on coming. Heather Renken as Marnie (The Costumer) does a fabulous job of being horrible during the stage production and then becoming captivating during her scene with the ghost an old love who has passed away beautifully and whimsically played by Heather Jane Farr). This play is not to be missed!

Dumpster Flower

Written by: Malissa Petterson & Directed by: Malissa Petterson

Playing: March 25 - April 15, 2017

The Nova Nilla Theatre Collective begins load-in for a bizarre (and atrocious) adaptation of A Midsummer Night's Dream with imminent failure on the horizon.
As with all tech weeks, there are the usual hang-ups - until most of the actors walk.

With the artistic director and his staff on the chopping block, the technicians make a last-ditch effort to save their jobs and their interpersonal relationships. The show goes on.

A fully immersive experience, Dumpster Flower weaves together our love affair with theatre and our theatrical love affairs.

HeatherJane Farr
Elliott Puckette
EmmaJane DeWeese
Stacey Garbarski
John Siewert
Heather Renken
Alyssa Stowe
Rachel Stetenfeld
Desmond Hawkins
Nick Kaprelian

With the technical skills of:
Taylor Kokinos
Loryn Jonelis
Viktor Petterson
Kip Price

This show contains brief nudity, adult language, and adult situations, as well as the use of a fog machine and herbal cigarettes. Viewer discretion is advised.

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