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Fireflies at South Coast Repertory's Julianne Argyros Stage




South Coast Repertory's Julianne Argyros Stage

655 Town Center Drive
Los Angeles + OC,

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Eleanor Bannister, a retired schoolteacher, lives a sleepy life in tiny Groverdell, Texas. She's taught almost everyone in town. She is, in a word, orderly. Until one night, when walking alone through the brambles barefoot and in her nightgown, she encounters Abel Brown, a mysterious drifteR. Brown has been wandering around town, looking for houses to fix and, rumor has it, widows to talk to. Brown is nothing but a drifter, but despite their obvious differences, Eleanor and Abel find themselves drawn to each other. This beautiful new romance shows that connection can be found in the unlikeliest of places and in the unlikeliest of ways.

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