Artist And Entertainer Rita Casman Discusses The Importance Of Giving Back

Artist And Entertainer Rita Casman Discusses The Importance Of Giving Back

Rita Casman is an accomplished actress, writer and in recent years a producer as well, who recently wrote, produced and appeared in a short film entitled, "Shadow Wall."

In this production, she advocates for mental health awareness by pulling from her own experiences, where she has overcame much over the years to rise up and truly shine. "Shadow Wall" is being submitted through the film festival circuit. Rita Casman is launching a fundraising platform for the production. Casman indicated in a recent interview that part of her mission as an artist and an entertainer is to "be heard for others and to tell their stories through her own." The short film was directed by Adriana Ledesma. Rita Casman describes her ability to excel and to continue to grow in her career, as not only her dream but her true passion. In terms of the various productions for which Casman has been cast, she states, "there is always something that makes me relate to a story," continuing, "this is what interests me the most about filmmaking." Paraphrasing Rita Casman, she describes herself as a character actor, who has the ability to merge elements of herself and who she truly is as a person, remaining vulnerable and authentic with the character she is portraying, bringing an ability to truly bring life to each role she portrays. "I'm not afraid to portray the truth within the characters which I portray during each opportunity that I have as an actor. I also have a comedic side and a true ability to also entertain through humor." Casman has an Italian, Spanish and Asian heritage. She was born in Guatemala. Speaking of her heritage she is proud and knows she is blessed. Casman states, "I came to America to truly work hard and give it my all to use my talents and abilities to make a positive difference. America has taught me so much and literally has saved my life."

Rita Casman portrayed a music executive in the production entitled, "Open Mic." In describing the production she states, "it's about a singer and I could relate to this because I am a singer as well. The production shows how the vocalist, the antagonist in the production, struggles to truly showcase her music to established music industry professionals. "What the film depicts," as stated by Casman is the "importance of being confident honoring one's authentic self and finding the beautiful and unique voice within and "owning that" with utmost confidence, as this truly shines through." In the production, the music executive portrayed by Casman is excited to hear the girl's talent, yet realizes that she was not yet ready to perform, as she was overcome by a bit of fear and anxiety. True confidence is gained by seeing the beauty of oneself from within and truly enjoying the talent which exists to sing, for example, even more than how others perceive that," states Casman. This is a lesson which the vocalist learns in "Open Mic." Casman also wrapped production of "The Nine Lives of Claw." The premiere of "The Nine Lives of Claw" will be announced soon. "For me, Casman states, this role brought back memories of me as a child and the little girl within who would do character voices, and it reminded me of all of my family members who also do character voices, especially my mom, throughout my childhood." Continuing, "we had developed a character for a voice we named Penny. I've always been able to emulate and develop different voices from the time I was a child." When asked what makes Casman unique as both an artist and entertainer, she states, "I have a deep desire to tell truths and make a positive impact in the world. Philanthropy and social accountability, as well as so many humanitarian causes are very close to my heart and this is what I wish to perpetuate. My wanting to give back to create a better and more inspiring world, truly goes hand in hand with my career. Advocating for social good whether it's advocating for animal welfare, against domestic violence or to eradicate homelessness are just a few of the many causes that matter immensely to Rita Casman. She started a foundation in 2018 and will be discussing more about her philanthropic foundation in an upcoming news release.

Rita Casman attended The New York Film Academy. She earned a Master's degree in International Relations, Diplomacy and Public Change. Casman's goal in the forthcoming year is to become a Screen Actors Guild (SAG) member and to gain the best representation available for her which fits the brand she has created and to find someone who truly sees and understands the value of her work in the industry and who works well with her supportive team. Rita Casman has been involved in two pageants in recent years, "Miss Infinity Asia International," and most recently "Mrs. Enchantment California US Pageant." She also appears in Kim Kline's music video entitled, "Stand Up, Stand Tall" as talent. Follow Rita Casman on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @ritacasman. In concluding the interview, Rita Casman conveyed that she would love to work with Ryan Murphy, Ava DuVernay, Sean "Diddy" Combs, and Carlos Arguello one day. She describes herself as a woman with an inner child who will always believe she is "Rainbow Brite," always wanting to shine bright in the world to help eradicate darkness. "I'm a person who likes to bring joy to the world with a message of positive love based change and inspiration and a message of hope. Follow Rita Casman's career in entertainment and the arts at

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