Feature: Mondays Dark to Reach 10-Year Milestone with special show on Dec. 11

Celebrate with Mark Shunock and special guests at the Palms Casino Resort.

By: Dec. 06, 2023
Feature: Mondays Dark to Reach 10-Year Milestone with special show on Dec. 11

Feature: Mondays Dark to Reach 10-Year Milestone with special show on Dec. 11

Mark Shunock loves Las Vegas and started Mondays Dark to give back to his community. While there are performances every other Monday, the public is invited to attend the 10th anniversary show at the Palms Casino Resort on Dec. 11.

“It is a little overwhelming. We never anticipated Mondays Dark performing this long,” says Mark.

Mark’s career road started in Canada as a hockey player before he left the sport to move to New York City to study acting. Then, it was a move to Los Angeles, performing in The Lion King, before relocating to Las Vegas in 2012 to join the cast of Rock of Ages on the Las Vegas Strip.

“When I came to perform in Las Vegas, the plan was to do six months to one year in Rock of Ages and then move on to the next gig as a performer back to New York City or Los Angeles,” explains Mark. “However, my wife and I have lived in Las Vegas for 11 years. It is the people that have kept us here. It is not the big resorts, shows, or restaurants but the people who made us feel like we were part of something bigger than all of us. The community here is exceptional, especially the philanthropic community. Everyone is remarkable which is why Mondays Dark is still around.”

In 2013, Mark, with Cheryl Daro, created Mondays Dark as a variety show to raise at least $10,000 for a local nonprofit organization. The name “Mondays Dark” was chosen since more shows on the Strip are dark on Monday, giving performers the opportunity to sing, dance, play an instrument, and entertain audiences for a good cause. He held the show in different venues before opening the performance venue, The Space, in 2017. Along with Mondays Dark, the venue has hosted plays, musicals, concerts, fashion shows, weddings, birthdays, and other celebrations. Twice a month, Mondays Dark gathers an eclectic cast of guests from Las Vegas and Los Angeles for 90 minutes of chat, entertainment, and laughs while raising $10,000.

Partnering with over 180 local organizations, Mondays Dark has raised over $1.8 million, donating $10,000 to each of the organizations, with all funding remaining in Southern Nevada. There are over 300 organizations on a waitlist for future performances.

“The Space has become something special, cultivating the music scene, which is something I am proud of, giving our local bands and performers a place to play. We offer fantastic lighting and sound along with current technology, so everyone sounds and looks great,” says Mark. In 2022, they were able to acquire the real estate, so they own the building.

“Las Vegas has truly been a blessing, and the Mondays Dark program is the backbone of everything we do, and it is the reason why we exist. People need help and we want to be those people who help,” adds Mark. As he likes to say, “We have 50 million people who visit Las Vegas and we do an incredible job serving our visitors. Who serves the people who serve? We want that job.” They continue to let the hospitality and entertainment industries in Las Vegas know that there is a group of folks who are dedicated to the well-being and support of our community, and that is what The Space has become.”

There is more programming with a big partnership in the works to introduce the Entertainment Community Fund, which has a big presence in New York City and Los Angeles. Mondays Dark and the Entertainment Community Fund collaborated during the pandemic and helped to distribute $1.5 million dollars to the Las Vegas entertainment community. This will be one of the big announcements during the show.

For more info, visit thespacelv.com/Mondays-Dark and follow on Facebook, Instagram, and X (formerly Twitter) @ thespacelv. Follow Mark on Facebook, Instagram, and X (formerly Twitter) @ MarkShunock.

Mondays Dark is turning 10 and everyone is invited to celebrate at 8 p.m. at Palms Casino Resort on Dec. 11.