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Casting For Staged Reading Of Amputees By Quentin Nguyen-duy - Sanguine Théâtre Company

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COMPANY: Sanguine Théâtre Company
DATE POSTED: 1/23/2022
PHONE #: 6108003324
ADDRESS: 624 5th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11215

Listing Information:

Viewing Auditions:
Sarah Boess, Artistic Director
Una Bharat, Associate Producer
Sarah Shin, Director
Quentin Nguyen-duy, Playwright
Cara Hinh, Dramaturg
Monday, March 7 - 11am-3pm
Tuesday, March 8 - 11am-3pm
Wednesday, March 9 - 11am-3pm
Thursday, March 10 - 11am-3pm
Friday, March 11 - 4pm-7pm
Saturday, March 12 - 4pm-8pm
Sunday, March 13
*Dates and times are subject to change*
Equity and Non-Equity actors for the staged reading of Amputees by Quentin Nguyen-duy. Previous acting experience is not a requirement, as long as actors are game and willing to play during this play development process.
SYNOPSIS: First-generation Vietnamese-American Sam Nguyen is home for the Holidays. In hopes of reassembling the family, his father, Vietnamese-born Phuong Nguyen, calls for a reunion to celebrate the family’s “Asian LunarMas” — a hybridized creation which binds the Vietnamese Tết with the Western celebration of Christmas. Forced to rekindle his relationship with his schizoaffective brother and estranged mother, Sam seeks to find the origins of his family’s trauma in his father’s past. Flashing back-and-forth between 2018 Ohio, and 1975 Saigon, ​Amputees explores the heritability of trauma, the hilariousness of growing up between cultures, and the hyperbolic ridiculousness of family.
Breakdown is as follows:
SAM NGUYEN: (19) Mixed Vietnamese & White American. Goes to Fordham University. Home for winter break. Self-aggrandizing. Self-centered. Only has a repulsive sense of entitlement to show for his first semester at liberal arts school.

PHUONG NGUYEN: (58) Vietnamese American. Father of Sam and Dev Nguyen. Immigrated from Saigon, Vietnam in 1975. Restaurant manager at Shabu Zen in White City, Ohio. He has the remnants of a Vietnamese accent. He is animated when he is speaking. Also plays ÔNG NỘI: (42) Father of Phuong Nguyen.

DEV NGUYEN: (24) Mixed Vietnamese & White American. Schizo-affective. Lives at home with his father, Phuong Nguyen. Studies computer science at WCCC. He looks like a total slob but he’s oddly brilliant. He is scatterbrained and talks fast. Also plays YOUNG PHUONG: (9-18)

ANNIE: (49) White. Mother of Sam and Dev Nguyen. Crisis counselor in training. Lives elsewhere. Has a serious and ongoing battle with depression stemming from devoting herself to two unstable boys and an erratic ex-husband. This can make her come off as cold and unloving at times.

BA NOI: (30s - 40s) Vietnamese/Asian American. Grandmother of Phuong Nguyen shown in flashbacks. Grandiose in gesture and speech Also plays XING XING/MS. KIM/RECEPTIONIST: Ethereal mystic Asian lady trope. XING XING has a Chinese accent, MS. KIM/RECEPTIONIST has a Korean accent.

Please prepare and record either a contemporary monologue of your choice (under 2 min) or record sides for the character(s) you would like to be considered for. Sides can be found here: Please include a full-body slate with your name, union status, pronouns and any other details you would like us to know.

Send submissions as a youtube, vimeo, google drive or dropbox link along with a headshot and resume (or list of experiences) to

Any questions about the project can be directed to

Thank you for your time and interest!

Salary: 200

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