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VIOLET Opened in Japan on 4th September

The production was originally scheduled to run from April 2020.

VIOLET Opened in Japan on 4th September

VIOLET is the first of a series of projects co-produced by Umeda Arts Theater, a Japanese theatre producing company, and Charing Cross Theatre. The aim of these co-projects is to present the same production under the same direction in both the UK and in Japan.

The UK production ended its limited run to great acclaim last year, and the Japanese production finally opened on 4th September 2020. The production was originally scheduled to run from April 2020, but all performances were cancelled due to the coronavirus situation. During this period, Japan was under a State of Emergency and most entertainment businesses voluntarily refrained from holding productions.

However, since the lift of the State of Emergency in early summer, theatres gradually started to resume productions. Violet began rehearsals, putting great care into measures to stop the spread of the virus. All casts and creatives would regularly use hand sanitizer and wear masks for the entirety of the rehearsals. In addition, transparent vinyl sheets were placed in front of creatives watching from the front of the room.

Only half of the seats are being sold, in addition to not selling any front row seats to secure distance between the actors and audience. After the successful traverse stage at the Charing Cross Theatre, the Japanese production was scheduled to have the theatre in-the-round, but this was also cancelled to keep the actors and audience separated. The run itself has been reduced to only three days and all audience members' body temperatures are being measured at the entrance and they have been requested to wear masks at all times.

Having overcome many obstacles, the Japanese production of VIOLET safely opened and was met with great applause, even if cheering was dialed down as a safety measure.

VIOLET, the first of a series of co-productions by Umeda Arts Theater and Charing Cross Theater, earned great acclaim and became a success in both countries.

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