Frank Wildhorn Teams Up with Tracy Miller & Carly Robyn Green for Musical Adaptation of YOUR LIE IN APRIL

By: Oct. 14, 2019
Frank Wildhorn Teams Up with Tracy Miller & Carly Robyn Green for Musical Adaptation of YOUR LIE IN APRIL

Composer Frank Wildhorn (Jekyll & Hyde, The Scarlet Pimpernel, Bonnie & Clyde) has partnered with Carly Robyn Green and Tracy Miller on the musical theater adaptation of Japanese manga Your Lie in April.

This show marks the first time the three have collaborated together on a new musical, though Green and Miller have each had a history co-writing with Wildhorn. Green and Wildhorn wrote Green's 2019 EP What Love is All About, and Wildhorn and Miller wrote "I'm Not Done Yet," the title track of the #1 charting EP by Sabrina Weckerlin (Argus-Excalibur). They have also written for Adrienne Warren (Tina Turner), Jackie Burns (Wicked), and Kerry Ellis (West End, Wicked).

Before playing Penny Pingleton in the Tony Award-winning musical Hairspray on Broadway and being featured in Wildhorn's Dracula, Miller lived in Tokyo and toured and recorded in Japan with the Walt Disney Company. As a BMG recording artist and songwriter, Green has written songs for multi-platinum artists in Japan and worldwide (Anri, Harumi, KARA), and her music is featured in over 150 television shows and films throughout the world (30 Rock, Scandal, Hung, Real L Word).

Speaking about the upcoming production, Miller and Green stated, "Your Lie in April is a beautiful piece about the value of friendship, the power of hope, and the inspiration of self-empowerment!"

Of their team on the project, Green says, "I feel lucky to be surrounded by such tremendous talent - Tracy's fresh voice and Frank's classic melodies inspire me to delve deeper and push creative boundaries as a writer." Miller added, "Frank's always had great musical instincts, and putting Carly and me together has been a highlight of my professional life. We support and challenge each other, which makes the process engaging and fun, and contributes to a whole greater than any one of the single parts."

The Your Lie in April musical is orchestrated and arranged by Jason Howland (Beautiful, Little Women), written by Riko Sakaguchi, directed by Ikko Ueda, and stars Erika Ikuta. The world premiere is set for July 2020 at Tokyo Tatemono Brillia Hall in Tokyo, Japan, and will run through the 2020 Olympics Opening Ceremony Weekend before making its way to the United States.


公演レポート:シルク・ドゥ・ソレイユ「アレグリア-新たなる光-� Photo

世界最高峰のサーカス・エンターテインメント集団 シルク・ドゥ・ソレイユ。シルク史上最も愛された伝説のショー「アレグリア-新たなる光-」が更なる進化を遂げて蘇る。フライングトラピス(空中ブランコ)、ファイヤーナイフ・ダンス、エアリアル、真骨頂のアクロバットなどで、'アレグリア(=歓喜)'らしくパンデミック後の海外公演再開の一歩を踏み出した。

独占インタビュー: シルク・ドゥ・ソレイユ「アレグリア-新たなる Photo
独占インタビュー: シルク・ドゥ・ソレイユ「アレグリア-新たなる光-」舞台監督エマ・ホーバス


Review: MUSICAL BEETLEJUICE at Osaka Shochikuza Photo
Review: MUSICAL 'BEETLEJUICE' at Osaka Shochikuza

What did our critic think of MUSICAL 'BEETLEJUICE' at Osaka Shochikuza?Musical 'BEETLEJUiCE': A musical based on film works by director Tim Burton, known for movies such as 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.' It premiered on Broadway in 2019 and garnered significant attention, receiving Tony Award nominations in 8 categories including Best Musical, Best Book, and Best Original Score. In 2021, it was also performed in South Korea, and a North American tour started in 2022. In Japan, it stars Jesse from SixTONES and is directed by Yuichi Fukuda.

公演レポート: ミュージカル「ビートルジュース」 Photo
公演レポート: ミュージカル「ビートルジュース」

ミュージカル「ビートルジュース」:「チャーリーとチョコレート工場」(2005年)などで知られるティム・バートン監督の映画作品を原作としたミュージカル作品。 2019年にブロードウェイで初上演され、同年のトニー賞には作品賞、脚本賞、音楽賞をはじめ8部門にノミネートされるなど大きな話題になった。2021年には韓国でも上演を果たし、2022年からは北米ツアーもスタートした。日本ではSixTONESのジェシーが主演、福田雄一氏が演出を担当。

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