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A DREAM OF ARMAGEDDON Comes to New National Theater, Tokyo

The final performance will be on November 23. 

"A Dream of Armageddon" is currently playing at the New National Theater, Tokyo. The final performance will be on November 23.

The second in a series of commissioned creations to Japanese composers, following the shocking new work "Shien Monogatari" that the New National Theater Tokyo sends to the world . Based in London, we will perform a new opera by the composer Dai Fujikura, who is commissioned by orchestras and opera houses around the world to develop vigorous composition activities and open up a new era of music. Although Fujikura is the third opera artist, in Japan, "Solaris" was only performed in concert format, and it is inevitable that he will attract attention from both inside and outside the country.

The theme Fujikura chose was HG Wells' SF short story "A Dream of Armageddon" written in the early 20th century. Harry Ross, who has been collaborating with Fujikura for many years, wrote the script (English), made it into an opera with a bold idea like Fujikura, creeping totalitarianism while freely going back and forth between space and time, and mass murder brought about by the development of science and technology. The original, which sharply depicts anxiety about the world, is adapted to thrillingly portray the threats that exist near us living in the present age.

Directed by Lydia Steier, an American female director who caught the world's attention at the 2018 Salzburg Festival "The Magic Flute". The conductor is Kazushi Ono, artistic director himself. Following "Shien Monogatari," which has been acclaimed by the domestic and foreign media for its universal power, the New National Theater Tokyo will send the opera of Japanese composers to the world. The birth of a world-famous work is a must-see for all opera, music and theater fans of the same era.

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