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BWW Blog: The Beginning of Tech

BWW Blog: The Beginning of Tech

As I write this, I'm sitting in the Ruth N Halls Theatre at IU, in my second long day in a row of tech for City of Angels, which opens next weekend! Yesterday we had our infamous 10 out of 12 rehearsal, going from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM with a two hour break in the middle; it went as smooth as a long tech rehearsal can go, so it was exciting!

Today we have another day of tech from 1:00-5:00, followed by a sitzprobe from 7:00-9:00. It's really cool to see everything coming together for the show! We're at the stage in the process when lights and sound start getting added in, in addition to occasional costume pieces and other small details that start to piece the show together. As opening night nears, my excitement continues to grow! Tech rehearsals are always a tedious process, but they're exciting nonetheless because for me it's always when I start to see the show really come to life. And although I'm sure this week will be exhausting with dress rehearsals every night, it'll be all worth while in the end.

In addition to City of Angels tech starting up, our Freshman Showcase is also nearing. We had our first full run-through of the entire show this past week and it was really great! There is so much talent in my MT class that I think it'll be a very entertaining show for our friends and family when they come to see it next weekend. As we prepped for this tech weekend over this past week, we also were staying after City of Angels rehearsals to rehearse for Showcase. It has been a wild and hectic week trying to manage rehearsing both things. With only three weeks of class left, it's going to be a whirlwind of a month between all of these events going on.

I also got to see a new play last week as part of IU's mainstage season. Nice Nails is a new work by MFA Playwright Aaron Ricciardi about a small nail salon owned by a Korean-American family struggling to keep their business afloat as a new salon opens up down the road from them. The play was very well done and involved a lot of very relevant issues in America. I really enjoyed the whole show and it was so cool to see such great new work being done and telling people's stories that need to be told.

This past week was a crazy one, but I know this upcoming week is about to be even crazier. Tech is always a wild ride from start to finish, and I'm sure City of Angels will be no different. By the time I post again we'll be up and running, which is crazy to think about how soon that is!

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