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Lysistrata at The Courtyard


2/28/2020 - 3/21/2020


The Courtyard

105, KH Road
Bengaluru, Karnataka,
Rs. 200 +
Phone: +91 73386 77996

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The original Lysistrata, written by Aristophanes, was a sex comedy set in Athens in about 411 BCE. In this story, the women Athens and Sparta, under the leadership of the feisty Lysistrata, decide to withhold sex until the men of the two city-states stop fighting each other. Our version adapts this story to an Indian context as a musical. Set in Bihar, in the middle of a land-grab situation, the women of Arrah and Saran, led by Lysistrata, determined to take matters into their own hands, force the men to stop fighting. The truth is, the mining company is the one who is taking real advantage of the fight. Lysistrata expounds her scheme - they stage a sex strike – the withdrawal of sexual favours until the fight ends. What entails after this is what the musical offers. The playwright has intended it as a farcical comedy that will morph into an earnest piece of social realism.

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