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Akshara Theatre and Saitan Theatre Group Present Macbeth Aur Laal Pankh


The production features a whole new layer of depth and perspective in the Shakespearean drama.  

Akshara Theatre and Saitan Theatre Group Present Macbeth Aur Laal Pankh

Akshara Theatre and Saitan Theatre Group are back with an exciting new Hindi stage production Macbeth Aur Laal Pankh, adapted from William Shakespeare's Macbeth, with a whole new layer of depth and perspective in the Shakespearean drama.

In a primordial age when time and space are still undefined, the river-spirit Dariya lives in the foothills of a mighty mountain range. Dariya, with a moonlit smile, star-bright eyes and a heart full of love, wears on her shoulder the primeval symbol of power, a pair of red wings - the laal pankh of destiny. Her protectors are the three Kaale Saaye - the spirits between Good and Evil, the shades that create and destroy.

In the course of time, Dariya has breathed her last and the Saayas wait for her rebirth. But until then, they lie in wait for those greedy and unworthy beings who try and snatch the power of the laal pankh. And when they do, the Saayas are waiting to doom their lives again and again, with malice and spite.

Over the centuries the legend has grown that the one who wears the laal pankh rules the Kingdom, Today's Kingdom is ruled by a Queen. Lady Macbeth is in love with the Queen, which creates hatred in the heart of Macbeth. Malco's misery, Banquo's friendship, Fleance's fear and most of all, the desire to possess the power that emanates from the laal pankh, form a dark tapestry of emotions, conflicts and relationships, all under the baneful eyes of the three Saaye.

Does power create malice in humans or does it bring out the inherent malice in all of us? Does power change a person?

We will be witnesses to this particular quest to own the power of the 'laal pankh' - with all the accompanying drama, tragedy, desire, power-play, greed, love and redemption that define the human condition. We will find the answers to our questions in Macbeth Aur Laal Pankh.

Tickets Rs. 250 onwards on

Written and Directed by: Rajneesh Gautam

Body Movement and Choreography Director: Karan Rathi

Live Music Design: Gaurav Kapoor, Shweta Maurya

Production Head: Swati

Cast & Crew:

Aakriti Gupta, Aditya Chauhan, Ayush Tandon, Bhavya Khandelwal, Dev Anand Singh, Divyakant Joshi, Gaurav Kapoor, Gurleen Kaur, Hrithik Tomar, Jyoti Bhatt, Kanya, Karan Rathi, Kritik Malik, Madhumita, Mohit Chhabra, Piyush Kumar Singh, Raghav Sharma, Rennet Attri, Sakshi Agrawal, Sarthak Vatsyayana, Sewa Shree Rai, Shivam Bansal, Shivam Sethi, Shweta Maurya, Swati, Vaishnavi, Vedant Walia, Vibha Mishra, Vikalp Mudgal, Yashvi Sharma.

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