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Tampere's Työväen Teatter Celebrates 120th Anniversary in September

Two new musicals with a very topical theme will be seen on the big stage.

Tampere's Työväen Teatter Celebrates 120th Anniversary in September

The 120th anniversary of Tampere's Työväen Teatter will culminate in September, when the grand musical Momentum 1900 and Mrs. Tilda , the theater's first director, will premiere . There will be as many as ten premieres in the autumn season, seven of which will be domestic or international premieres.

Two new musicals with a very topical theme will be seen on the big stage. The authors are screenwriter-director Sirkku Peltola , screenwriter Heikki Salo and composer Eeva Kontu . Art changed the world. In the Finnish pavilion of the World's Fair, the struggle between the autonomous region of Finland and the rulers seeking to Russify it began at the beginning of the century. The musical brings to life well-known national artists , including Martin Martalo , Saska Pulkkinen , Petra Karjalainen andAimo Räsänen . The premiere is on 7.9. On the big stage.

Elevated to world success , Come From Away is a musical of hope and comfort. The musical, directed by Samuel Harjantee , takes place in Newfoundland, Canada, in the aftermath of 9/11. The story of the musical is based on interviews with the people involved in the events, and the roles include Jonna Järnefelt , Kaija Kärkinen , Nina Tapio and Matti Leino , who are visiting OSH for the first time . The Finnish premiere is 21.9.

Eino Salmelainen's stage Lots of noise from pizza, under the Berlin sky and from Parent
's stage Eino Salmelainen's stage Tuomas Parkkinen 's sunny folk comedy Lots of noise about pizza tells about the arrival of our national delicacy in Finland. Inspired by Carlo Goldon's Le Baruffe Chiozzotte , the breathtaking amusement plays marching the stage with twelve actors who burst into singing in the moods of an Italian whip. Before the grande final, you have time to play your mouth, throw slander and engagement rings, get divorced, fall in love again and spin many pizzas. The premiere is on 13.9.

Eino Salmelainen's premiere is also a visual gem under the Berlin Sky based on a classic film by Wim Wenders and Peter Handke (screenplay and direction by Anne Rautiainen , premiere on September 20) and Veikko Nuutinen's painfully contemporary drama From Parents (directed by Juho Gröndahl and Nuutinen , October 12). Aleksis Kivi 's premiere, which was produced as an almost nationwide co-production, will premiere in Tampere on October 26. Directed by Timo Ruuskanen , Linda Wallgren and Tuukka Vasama .

In the basement theater Mrs. Tilda of the theater and Action Hero in
the basement theater will be 6.9. The premiere of theater researcher Hanna Suutela 's theatrical researcher Tilda Vuori , the first director of TTT, is directed by Tiina Puumalainen , and composed by Maija Koskenalusta . Kristiina Hakovirta in the title role , Mika Piispa in the other roles . Action Hero , Liila Jokelin , one of the most interesting new theater makers, will premiere at Kellariteatteri on October 13, starring Inke Koskinen , Pyry Kähkönen , Jyrki Mänttäri and Minna Hokkanen.

The basement theater will also feature Eugène Ionesco's most important work, Two Chairs' Chairs ( Les Chaises ), directed by Otso Kautto. In the roles Auvo Vihro and Teija Auvinen .

TTT Club's novelty Petra and Jari Ahola Tää is all about family
At TTT Club Petra and Jari Ahola star in the relationship comedy Tää is all about family, premiere 29.9. As the parents of a new family of seven, the actress has drawn on her own and acquaintances' experiences and the inexhaustible mine of Finnish columns. However, the story is fictional. It tells the story of the new family of Orapeltos, where the screenwriter and the starring wife work together on a romantic comedy film. The project is tangled because exas, relatives and family rotation come in handy all the time! Directed by Minna-Stiina Saaristo-Vellinki , song compositions by Jari Ahola and lyrics by Aholat together.

TTT Club's autumn music and stand-up performances will be announced later in the spring, as will the autumn residency program.

In the spring of 2022, Death Dance starring Jorma Uotinen, Sirpa Suutari-Jääskö and Jukka Haapalainen Star
dancers Jorma Uotinen , Sirpa Suutari-Jääskö and Jukka Haapalainen will interpret the iconic marriage drama Death Dance. The passionate play has been adapted into a visually spectacular dramatic dance piece. Teppo Järvinen's visual design has created a scene where there is room for dreams, the subconscious and even the supernatural. Dance artists have created a choreography through which the authors 'long experience of different dance genres fuses into the narration of physical theater. Director Tiina Puumalainenin the interpretation of the classic conceived and arranged by dance, one has to do: also tell everything that would otherwise be left in the line between the conversation. Premiere 6.4.2022 On the big stage

In the spring, TTT brings poetry to the Cellar Theater. 4.-7.5. At the Poetry Festival we will see Quo Vadis' Ruohoa - A Song about us , Vala, who is graduating from the residence ! When the cat died I started laughing - Letters to Eeva-Liisa Manner and Francis and Hildegard .

Premieres autumn 2022
6.9. Mrs. Tilda, premiere (Cellar Theater)
7.9. Momentum 1900, premiere (Grand Stage)
13.9. Lots of noise from pizza, premiere (Eino Salmelainen's stage)
20.9. Under the Berlin Sky, premiere (Eino Salmelainen's stage)
21.9. Come From Away, Finnish premiere (Grand Stage)
29.9. This is all about the family, premiere (TTT Club)
12.10. From Parents, premiere (Eino Salmelainen's stage)
13.10. Action Hero, premiere (Basement Theater)
26.10. Aleksis Kivi, Tampere premiere (Eino Salmelainen's stage)
In September Chairs, the exact premiere will be announced later (Cellar Theater)

Visits autumn 2022
2-3.12. ShoWhat (Eino Salmelainen's stage)
24.11. Black Box (Large Stage)

Premieres spring 2022
March 26 Vala ! , premiere of the residency (Cellar Theater)
6.4. Death Dance, Premiere (Grand Stage)

Visits Spring 2022
March 25-26 When There Are Emotions (Basement Theater)
26.3. Don Quixote (Eino Salmelainen's stage)
4.-7.5. Poetry Festival: Pour! Ruohoa - Singing about us, Vala !, When the cat died I started laughing - Letters to Eeva-Liisa Manner, Francis and Hildegard (Cellar Theater)

For more information, interview requests and press tickets,
communications planner Sari Andersson, , +358 50 5969 069
spokesperson Mika Kauhanen, , +358 50 401 8252

Spring 2022 previews and estimates. For the spring 2022 previews at Come From Away, under the skies of Berlin and from Parent, it is possible to make previews for which press tickets can be inquired. Critics of these are likely to make the fall 2022 premieres.

More information about the plays and authors:

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