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BUS STOP - Centerstage Auditions

Posted: July 27, 2012

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BUS STOP– Photo/Resume Request
Centerstage Baltimore MD LORT $765/week minimum.
ArtisticDir:Kwame Kwei-Armah
Dir:David Schweizer
Playwright: William Inge
Casting Dir: Pat McCorkle
Casting Assoc:Joe Lopick
Casting Asst:Katja Zarolinkski

1st reh:10/25/12. Runs 11/21-12/23.

NYC appointment auditions will be held the week of August 6, 2012.
To be considered, send photo/resume to


Seeking the following only. Please submit only if you are “right” for one or more roles, and only if you are free to work during the contract dates.

Director’s note:Seeking SAVVY, LIVELY, SMART stage actors to enjoy the rewards of Inge’s timeless comic drama about an explosive gathering of very LIVELY SPIRITED FOLKS in a diner in the middle of a snowstorm in the middle ofNowhere – Kansasin 1955.Theproductionwill emphasize the immediacy and behavioral RICHNESS of these characters and their world. BUS STOP is a classic for a reason, it LIVES ON STAGE when done properly, in other words, NOT LIKE A MUSEUM PIECE…Though the writing is specific to a certain time and region of America, all ethnicities are welcome in the spirit of NO COLOR casting, rather than to do a comment or “TAKE” on the culture of the play….

Woman, early 20s. A chanteuse/hillbilly girl.TheMarilyn Monroerole from the movie. There is no getting around this, andMonroewas wonderful, but our Cherieneed not imitate Monroe. She DOES need to be both entirely OPEN and a bit WORLD WEARY, despite her youth. Spontaneous, naturally sexy, and a bit of an exhibitionist in a very sweetly intentioned, innocent way. Distinct hillbilly accent.

Bo Decker:
Man, early 20s. Young rancher and cowboy. Wiry, physically gangly and able tobe convincing as a rodeo cowboy.Bo is the proverbial “bull in the china shop”;actor must convey an untamed CRAZY YEARNING he is hopelessly IN LUST/LOVE with no idea what it means Regional accent.

Grace Hyland:
Woman, 40s. Diner owner/seasoned wise-cracker. Tough lovekinda gal, FORCEFUL as a woman who deals forcefully with a lot of tough MENbutself-aware and sensual as well. Regional accent.

High school girl. Waitress. Actress needsto be convincingly youthful. Elmais BRIGHT and VERY CURIOUS about what might lie ahead of herwithvery little KNOWHOW as of yet. An innocent but BRAVE girl. More subtle accent.

Will Master:
Man, late 30s-50s. The Sheriff/. Physically IMPOSING strong “silent” type, a stand-up guywho is NOT TO BE FUCKED WITH. Some real anger and a vehement sense of JUSTICE boilsunderneath. Regional accent.

Dr. Gerald Lyman:
Man, 50ish. “Former” college professor. An alcoholic of the old school,with a genuine POETIC sensibility and all the sadness that goes with it. Yet there is a SPIRIT to Dr.Lymanhe is still alive enough to become SMITTEN, and to ENTERTAIN his audience. More cultured accent.

Man, 30s-50s. The bus driver. Should be near in age toGrace,on whom he has a huge crush. Carl is a glad-hander, flirty, “full of beans”, with a bit of a STYLE.Could have a different regional accent.

Virgil Blessing:
Man, 40s.Bo’s “guardian” and care-taker. Calm toBo’sfrantic, like the big browe all dream of having. There could be something inscrutable, almost mysterious aboutVirgil, but clearly he is a soulful man with a huge heart.Actor should play guitarand sing, in rustic style. Same western regional accent as Bo.

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