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BROKEN GLASS/WHO AM I (THIS TIME) **Updated** - North Coast Repertory Theatre Auditions

Posted: June 27, 2013

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North Coast Repertory Theatre|Solana Beach, CA

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987 Lomas Santa Fe
Suite D
Solana Beach CA92075


SPT Tier 6- minimum $404/week

Actors for Broken Glass by Arthur Miller and Who am I (This Time) by Aaron Posner

Other Dates
Deadline for Submission:July 12, 2013
See Breakdown for show dates.

Broken Glass director: Rosina Reynolds
Who Am I (This Time) director: Andy Barnicle
David Ellenstein, Artistic Director

Auditions will be onJuly 15th and 16th 2013at North Coast Repertory Theatre in Solana Beach, CA

First Read ThruSeptember 17, 2013
Tech WeekendOctober 12-13, 2013
PreviewsOctober 16-18, 2013
PerformsOctober 19-Nov 10, 2013
Ext. WeekNovember 13-17, 2013

SYLVIA: Early 40’s. New York/Brooklyn tone, not a heavy accent. Phillip Gellburg’s wife. An intelligent, well informed woman. Sylvia is a warm sexual woman but sexually suppressed. She can be intense and haunted, becoming obsessive over what is happening to the Jews in Germany in the late 1930’s. She is bewildered and frustrated by her sudden paralysis. Lacking physical love and care from her husband, she warms to the attention of Dr Hyman. Confined to a wheelchair or her bed.
DR. HARRY HYMAN: Early 50’s. New York/ Brooklyn tone, not a heavy accent. Hyman has charm and presence; he was quite the ladies man in his youth and into his marriage. He rides horses on Ocean Parkway every afternoon. He is determined, scientific, idealistic and obsessed about curing Sylvia. He is not religious, he calls himself a socialist. Hyman is married to a non Jew from Minnesota, his nurse.
MARGARET: Mid to late 40’s. Margaret is originally from Minnesota and not Jewish, she is Dr. Hyman’s wife as well as his receptionist/nurse. Margaret is lusty and energetic; she is a forthright, positive woman who is astute, especially in diagnosis. She’s a great talker and has a big confident laugh. She loves her husband but lives with the memory of his past infidelities.
CASE: Early 50’s. New York tone, not a heavy accent. He is Phillip Gellburg’s boss. He is Chairman and President of Brooklyn Guarantee a mortgage brokerage. Case owns a yacht and sails it regularly. He has a great natural authority and an almost childishly naïve self assurance. He is very aware of his status. He can be petty and cold.
HARRIET: Early 40’s. New York/ Brooklyn tone. Sylvia’s younger sister. She lacks Sylvia’s moxie. Harriet is conventional, uncomplicated and practical. She admires her sister and is concerned with Sylvia’s obsessions and condition.

First Read ThruDecember 10, 2013
Tech WeekendJanuary 4-5, 2014
PreviewsJanuary 8-10, 2014
PerformsJan 11 – Feb 2, 2014
Ext. WeekFebruary 5-9, 2014

A series of scenes about love in North Crawford Connecticutt, 1962. This is an ensemble play—actors #1 and #2 stay the same throughout, but all other actors will play more than one part, including a lead in one of the scenes.
All actors should be able to hold a group tune (a capella), but trained voices are not essential. Be prepared to sing a little from an easy ballad or lullaby of your choosing.

ACTOR #1: Tom Newton (male, 40's) Tom is the host/narrator and also a character in most of the scenes. An amiable, folksy, New England everyman (similar to the Stage manager in OUR TOWN), this role requires an ease of direct interplay with the audience. He must play drunk convincingly.
ACTOR #2: Kate Newton (female, 40's) Tom's wife, a homemaker and community theatre actress. She is smart, attractive, unglamorous but pretty.
ACTOR #3: Newt (male, 20's) Awkward smart, ironic, good-looking. Newt is Tom as a young man. Also plays John Murra, 15 years old, the abandoned, angry and betrayed son of a famous writer. Also plays the small walk-on of Joey.
ACTOR #4: Catherine (female, 20's) Smart, brimming with youthful vitality. This is Kate as a young woman. Also plays Helene Shaw: prim, proper, emotionally distant until she plays the role of Stella in the local theatre's production of STREECAR, when she transforms remarkably to passionate and fiery. A few verses of Shakespeare are also included in this role. Also has a few lines as Paula, Tom and kate's daughter.
ACTOR #5: Harry (male, 30's) Nebishy, shy, quiet, but turns ferocious and sexy when he's playing Stanley in STREETCAR. Also plays Roy Crocker, a gregarious and corny local plumber.
ACTOR #6: Verne (male, 30's or 40's) Verne is a likable guy who owns the local hardware store, but wants to be an actor. Must do a terrible Marlon Brando impersonation for his STREETCAR audition. Also Plays George Murra, a famous writer who sold out to Hollywood and abandoned his family to marry a movie star. George is brilliant, philosophical and self-destructive. Must play drunk convincingly.
ACTOR#7: Doris Sawyer (female, 40's or 50's) Doris is the fiesty town librarian and the director of the community theatre's plays. She's sharp. Also plays Gloria Hilton, a beautiful Hollywood movie star and sex symbol; brash, self-involved, overly dramatic.

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