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BWW Review: FRIENDS! THE MUSICAL PARODY at City Theatre Will Leave You Laughing Out Loud!

BWW Review: FRIENDS! THE MUSICAL PARODY at City Theatre Will Leave You Laughing Out Loud!
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FRIENDS! The Musical Parody at the City Theatre, running now through February 10th, is a fast-paced parody comedy that will leave you laughing throughout the entire performance. Based on the popular 90's sitcom, the parody show is as much nostalgic as it is wacky.

This fast-moving musical takes on the daunting task of tackling all ten seasons of the show within a two-hour performance. While the characters of Ross, Rachel, Joey, Chandler, Monica, and Phoebe are the focus of the show, many other featured characters make appearances in the show. Of these include Janice, Gunther, and Richard. The script of the show is perfectly written to play on the oddities, mannerisms, and weird traits that each of the characters from the sitcom have. The musical pokes a lot of fun at these traits and mannerisms through original songs written for the parody show. Of these include "How You Doin?", "The Chick and The Duck Song", and "We Were on a Break!".

The show moves incredibly fast but does not miss a beat in terms of touching on all of the major events that happen in the sitcom. The show begins with Rachel entering Central Perk in her wedding dress right after she left her husband at the altar, which is exactly the way we meet Rachel Green in the sitcom. The costume design of the show is exceptional. Each of the characters are dressed very close to how they are in the sitcom.

Though the songs written for the musical are funny and poke fun at the characters, one of the final songs in the second act touches on the engagement of Chandler and Monica, happening near the end of the seasons in the sitcom. "Could I BE Love with You" is a heartfelt ballad in which Chandler professes his love for Monica. In a show with mostly comedic songs, this song succeeds in delivering a true and heartfelt message.

All of the cast members have a great onstage chemistry that helps keep the audience engaged during the entire performance. In addition to chemistry onstage, the cast plays out the comedic timing of the show exceptionally well.

Sami Griffith, playing Rachel Green, truly mastered Rachel's voice and mannerisms from the sitcom. From the moment she steps onstage she is believable. The onstage chemistry between Griffith and Tyler Fromson, playing Ross Geller, really shines through in the second act.

Another standout in the show is Aaron C. Rutherford as Chandler Bing. In addition to playing Chandler, he also plays several other characters throughout the show. Along with Chandler, Rutherford shines when playing Janice, Chandler's girlfriend. Rutherford sings "Oh. My. God. It's Janice!" with a hefty amount of energy and poise.

Fans of Friends will find this parody musical hilariously unique, as well as nostalgic. The musical does a great job of poking fun at the characters that we have all fallen in love with. Whether you have watched Friends ten different times or have jut finished the series for the first time, you will be laughing out loud throughout the entire show.

The cast of FRIENDS! The Musical Parody also features Maggie McMeans (Monica Geller), Madison Fuller (Phoebe Buffay), and Domenic Servidio (Joey Tribbiani).

FRIENDS! The Musical Parody runs until February 10th at the City Theatre in Detroit. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased at, Little Caesars Arena XFINITY box office and To charge tickets by phone, call (800) 745-3000.

*Show information courtesy of 313 Presents.

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