BWW Review: Christian Murder Mystery, 'Bad Manners At The Dinner Table'

BWW Review:  Christian Murder Mystery, 'Bad Manners At The Dinner Table'

Saturday night, I had the opportunity to see the Christian murder mystery, Bad Manners At The Dinner Table, written by playwright, Aalani Necole, at the Little Rock Cultural Center, in Charlotte, NC. Barring a couple of technical issues with the audio and lighting, the performance was a success. The main character in the play was First Lady Denise (Baria Jordan), whose lies and secrets led her to a deadly end. Each character made his/her grand entrance down the staircase, throughout the audience before appearing center stage. Each roles were symbolic of the 7-deadly sins embodied in church stereotypes. Brother Luster (Kineh Sam N'Gaojia), dressed like a 70's pimp, represented, of course, Lust. Deacon Cash (Frank FaCheaux), represented Greed. Usher Mean (Jada Alexander) represented Wrath. Deaconess Sammore (Shirley Greenlee), who ate everything in sight and had a carryout container ready, represented Gluttony. Sister Green (Eboni Joi), who was jealous of Lady Denise and had her eyes set on the Pastor, represented Envy. Minister C.P. Tyme (Shaneika Anderson), who was late for her own funeral, represented Sloth. Finally, Sister Boast (Ernetta Moss), who made sure everyone was aware that she drove a Lexus, represented Pride.

That is pretty much how the story flowed, until all seven sins appeared at the dinner party, hosted by the pastor's wife. Incidentally, the pastor (Zari Rice) was not invited to this auspicious occasion, he was out of town on ministry business. Lurking in the background, was the chef/waiter (Rigo Nova), who we later discovers, represented the dark one, the devil. He revealed his identity, accompanied by his shady dancer (DaNae Davis), who cast a spell on us. All of this led to a good ole "whodunit" mystery. I wish there were more clues to lead my imagination to a more adventurous end...I like to be challenged. After the murder, most of the characters just basically left the murder scene without opportunities to figure out the plot or ending. All in all, the play's intent was to invoke self-character examination and how each of these sins related, or not, to our daily lives.

If you would like to experience this Christian murder mystery on your own accord, please purchase your tickets now to the next performance, on August 26, at 7pm, at the same location, Little Rock Cultural Center, 401 N. Myers Street, Charlotte, NC. Tickets can be purchased on

For more information about upcoming events, visit P31 Productions at

BWW Review:  Christian Murder Mystery, 'Bad Manners At The Dinner Table'
Me (Vickie Evans) and
Playwright Aalani Necole
BWW Review:  Christian Murder Mystery, 'Bad Manners At The Dinner Table'
Lady Denise (Baria Jordan) and
Deacon Cash (Frank FaCheaux)

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