Interview: Jarynn Whitney of OFF THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD at Prima Theatre

A whole new adventure through the enchanting land of Oz unlike anything you've ever seen...

By: Feb. 02, 2024
Interview: Jarynn Whitney of OFF THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD at Prima Theatre

Interview: Jarynn Whitney of OFF THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD at Prima Theatre

Do you ever wonder what Dorothy Gale would be like if she were alive today? How different her adventure through Oz might be in modern times? If so, then Prima Theatre's new original production, Off The Yellow Brick Road, might be just what you're looking for. Prima is giving The Wizard Of Oz a whole new treatment that will include elements of a pop concert with contemporary music and a more immersive experience. We got an opportunity to catch up with Jarynn Whitney, who is thrilled to be playing the part of Dorothy, to get a sneak peek of what makes this new twist on the classic tale a must-see experience for those who love the land of Oz.

Broadway World: "Off The Yellow Brick Road" is a unique, contemporary take on the classic story of The Wizard Of Oz. What has been your favorite part of developing this new version of Dorothy Gale?

Jarynn: Getting to develop this new version of a beloved character has been so much fun, but what I've found most enjoyable is how relatable she is. People who watch the show will be able to empathize in a way that the time and culture difference of the original piece doesn't allow. The modernization of this character brings back everything you loved about the original Dorothy while encouraging you to think of her and the story in a whole new way.

Broadway World: In "Six The Musical," you played the role of Catherine Parr in multiple productions. Do you see any special connections between Catherine and Dorothy?

Jarynn: From my time in "Six" to now working on "Off The Yellow Brick Road," I see many similarities in these two characters. Both women want the best for themselves and the people they care for and aren't afraid to break from the norm in order to accomplish that. Playing Catherine has been a huge benefit in helping me to find myself in Dorothy.

Broadway World: Stories exist as a way to teach us lessons. What do you most hope your audiences will take away from this upgrade to the classic tale?

Jarynn: When audiences leave this show, I hope they take time to reevaluate the relationship they have with their screens in comparison to the relationships they have with people and nature. So many people are missing out on true connections because their faces are buried in their screens. There is so much love and life all around you if you're willing to look up and be present.

Broadway World: This new take on Oz is clearly very different from previous interpretations. What is your favorite new element and why?

Jarynn: This version of the classic tale is different in many ways, but I especially enjoy the introduction of modern technology. It adds a completely new layer into this journey of connection and finding oneself and is done in a way that every single audience member will relate to.

Broadway World: Is there anything else you would like our readers to know before they come to see this show?

Jarynn: This version of the Oz story is unlike anything you've ever experienced before. Rest assured that you will leave full of love and life!

"Off The Yellow Brick Road" is running February 9th to the 24th. If you're ready to go on an adventure to the land of Oz like no other, head over to Prima's official website and HERE to get your tickets before they disappear. Dorothy and her friends will be waiting to welcome you just off the yellow brick road...

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