A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS Comes to DreamWrights Center For Community Arts

The show will run from December 8th to December 17 at DreamWrights Center for Community Arts.

By: Nov. 27, 2023
A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS Comes to DreamWrights Center For Community Arts

DreamWrights Center for Community Arts has announced its upcoming production of "A Charlie Brown Christmas," a cherished holiday tradition that has captured the hearts of millions since its inaugural television airing in 1965. In an inventive and nostalgic approach, this stage adaptation will fuse elements reminiscent of the iconic TV special and the beloved Peanuts comic strip, creating a unique and enchanting experience for audiences of all ages.

At the heart of this production lies an innovative set design featuring projected backgrounds, skillfully drawn by community members, including patrons of the York County Library system. These backgrounds aim to recreate the familiar imagery of the "Charlie Brown Christmas" TV special, evoking the nostalgic sensation of watching the beloved characters on the small screen. Additionally, our meticulously crafted costumes and props incorporate hand-drawn details, paying homage to the iconic Peanuts comic strip, ensuring a visually captivating and immersive journey into the world of Charlie Brown and his friends.

"Our production team embarked on an exciting challenge to seamlessly blend the essence of the TV special and the comic strip into our stage adaptation," expressed Melanie Yan, Communication and Admin Coordinator at DreamWrights Center for Community Arts. "It's been a delightful endeavor, infusing different mediums to evoke the cherished memories associated with 'A Charlie Brown Christmas.'"

What sets this rendition apart is the innovative approach of double-casting the production with a youth cast and a teen/adult cast. Inspired by the multi-generational appeal of the TV special and the profound conversations held by young Peanuts characters, this decision has brought a new dimension to the production. The two casts rehearsed collaboratively for a month, enabling the teen/adult cast to reconnect with the essence of childhood and allowing the youth cast to delve deeper into the characters and the show's significance.

"We aimed to capture the essence of these timeless characters and their meaningful conversations by blending the perspectives of two casts," shared Andrea Stephenson, the director of the production. "Each cast brings forth distinct nuances and interpretations, offering audiences a chance to experience different facets of the characters and the story. It's truly a remarkable journey to witness both casts' performances."

Local artisans will be selling their products at the CHRISTMAS VILLAGE inside the theatre, which will be open one hour before the performance and one hour after the performance. Find and discover beautiful gifts for your loved ones this holiday season, and support the local community!

"A Charlie Brown Christmas" will run from December 8th to December 17 at DreamWrights Center for Community Arts located at 100 Carlisle Ave in York, PA. Tickets are available for purchase through the DreamWrights website or by contacting the box office at (717) 848-8623.