Photos: November 8th THE LINEUP WITH SUSIE MOSHER by Gene Reed

The Lineup prepares to wrap for the season, with one more show to go.

By: Nov. 14, 2022

November 8th saw another fine installment of THE LINEUP WITH SUSIE MOSHER with popular artists from the cabaret and concert community, ranging from Jazz Singer Susan Mack to Kabarettist Jack Bartholet. As is her habit, Susie Mosher curated an impressive night of entertainment for the audience made up of many regulars who will miss her when she is away, working for the holidays. This would be the second to last performance of THE LINEUP, with one more being produced on November 13th, with an all-star cast.

LINEUP Photographer from the very beginning, Gene Reed was in town from his more regular homestead just north of the city, and Susie grabbed her personal shutterbug (check out her headshots!) for the night to catch the action with his lens.

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The Lineup Band is John Miller on Bass and Clint de Ganon on Drums and Musical Director Lon Hoyt on piano.

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This week on The Lineup With Susie Mosher:

Photos: November 8th THE LINEUP WITH SUSIE MOSHER by Gene Reed