Interview: Tim Connell of ...IT'S THE JOY IN YOUR HEART... Is Getting Intimate at Pangea

The dynamic performer is back at Pangea on March 16th, April 12th and April 20th following two sold out shows

By: Feb. 10, 2024
Interview: Tim Connell of ...IT'S THE JOY IN YOUR HEART... Is Getting Intimate at Pangea

Interview: Tim Connell of ...IT'S THE JOY IN YOUR HEART... Is Getting Intimate at Pangea

Hot off the heels of one sold out show on January 27th, singer Tim Connell is returning to Pangea tonight, February 10th, with another sold out show. His concert, “’s the joy in your heart...” features an eclectic mix of songs sung superbly. This dynamic performer is fresh off a 2023 Bistro Award win and a 2023 MAC Award nomination. Although it’s too late to snag tickets to the show tonight, luckily he’s added a few more dates at Pangea, performing LUCKY ME! on Saturday, March 16th and two more performances of ...IT'S THE JOY IN YOUR HEART... on Friday, April 12th and Saturday April 20th, both at 7 pm. Don’t miss your chance to see this incredible performer, who Stephen Mosher called “easily one of the best male entertainers working in the cabaret and concert industry today.” Below, read our conversation about his upcoming show and what viewers can look forward to.

RK: Can you tell me a little bit about what fans can expect from your upcoming show?

TC: Those who show up can expect what I call the Connell aesthetic.  An evening where song, story and interaction with the audience create an intimate evening. 

RK: How did the first one, on January 27th, go? 

TC: The first show was sold out.  Audiences responded well to the evening’s journey.  Moving, poignant and entertaining were the common descriptive words expressed.

RK: This iteration of your show includes music from Jason Mraz, Stephen Sondheim, John Bucchino and Duke Ellington. That's an eclectic mix. What was some of your inspiration for putting the set list together?

TC: The inspiration for any show that I put together is looking for a wide variety of material known and unknown that speaks to my musical storytelling sense.  I make sure that I look through the lens of story. 

RK: What else is on the horizon for you this year?

TC: Next up is I’m returning to Pangea on March 16th, St. Paddy’s Day eve, to do my Irish show, Lucky Me!  This show is a celebration of my Irish roots.  Joining James and me will be violinist Seoyeon Im.  And in April, due to the two sold out shows of …it’s the joy in your heart…, we’ve added two more to be played in April at Pangea.  Those dates are Friday, April 12th at 7 pm and Saturday, April 20th at 7 pm.

RK: Why cabaret?

TC: For the past eight years or so, I’ve discovered that the intimate setting of a cabaret room suits my performing sensibilities.  The interaction with the audience and the in the moment happenings pure gold.  Cabaret has now become an additional platform to express my performing artistic voice.

Tickets to Connell's March 16th Irish show are available here.

Tickets to Connell's Friday, April 12th and Saturday April 20th shows,'s the joy in your heart, are available here.