Can You Guess Who Our October Cabaret Birthday Honoree Is?

A toast to a special cabaret person born in October.

By: Oct. 01, 2023
Can You Guess Who Our October Cabaret Birthday Honoree Is?

It is October, so it’s time for our monthly Cabaret Birthday Tribute to someone very cabaret-friendly who was born in the month in question. 

Who is it?  It’s not a “trick” question, but this person’s birthday is also the “trick or treat day” that ends October —  Halloween. Look at these hints and see if you can guess who the honoree is. 


1……….Is a vibrant vocalist who has been seen in many cabaret shows and heard on many albums over the years, solo and with a singing partner, often focused on the works of major songwriters — such as Jerome Kern, Arthur Schwartz & Howard Dietz, George & Ira Gershwin, and (more recently) Stephen Sondheim.

2……….Will spend that October 31 birthday performing in London.

3……….Was born in a town — somewhat more modest than the current residence of New York City – called Boggy Depot, in a state where, as the song named for it says, “the waving wheat can sure smell sweet.” Growing up there meant sharing good times, songs, and DNA with a large family, including a mother and siblings who are singers, too (some also writing their own songs).

4……….Was described by Stephen Holden of The New York Times as “the cabaret equivalent of whipped cream atop a surprisingly nutritious dessert."

5………Is a blonde soprano who has had roles in musical theatre, including Broadway productions, like the subject of one of her cabaret tribute shows — the late Barbara Cook, who also was born in October.

6……… Also plays the piano, accompanying herself many a Tuesday at NYC’s Algonquin Hotel, where many of her shows had graced The Oak Room back in the day. 

7……….. Often, like another cabaret star born in October — the late Julie Wilson — performed annually at the Cabaret Convention series of October. And certainly our Halloween Birthday Girl (who knows a trick or two about the treat of glamorous costuming) will be among the singers in the Cabaret Convention events this year (October 17, 18, and 19 at Jazz at Lincoln Center).  Indeed, she’s the anchor, having some years ago become the Artistic Director of the presenting organization named for another cabaret inspiration, the Mabel Mercer Foundation.  

.........Well, as you may have already guessed, gleaned, or Googled, we’re talking about ……………KT Sullivan. Our hats are off to this lady (“Does anyone still wear a hat?” She does – and she has many metaphorical feathers in her metaphorical cap, as she juggles her own performances with running the Foundation that nurtures the art of cabaret and its artists.)  So, here’s our ode to KT, and the big concert events, with some additional info in rhyme and elaborating on the above hints, as we thank her for her work and talent and wish her the very best in this month that ends with her actual birthday. 

Can You Guess Who Our October Cabaret Birthday Honoree Is?

That Irish colleen is the Cabaret Queen.
I mean the one born on Halloween.
KT it must be.
Yes, it’s Miss S.
So each music fan has to enter
Jazz at Lincoln Center.
So let Cabaret Conventioneers convene and be seen.
When this month’s date is 17
And two more nights, same routine.

She has sung in Paree and on public TV
And, on Broadway, was Lorelei Lee.
She’s performed at the “Gonk” 
Which ain’t no honky-tonk.
She’s been to Australia and back
And New Jersey PAC,
At the White House in ‘83. 
In mid-October, where will she be?
The Rose Theater in NYC.

So come, old chum, to the grand glut of cabaret.
You’ll see Marilyn Maye and Heather Mac Rae
And you’ll hear some guys sing,
Like Nicolas King.
Enjoy each baritone and ev’ry soprano,
Barbara Brussell and Barbara Fasano.   
Buy your tickets now–Hurry.
Kurt Weill songs will be sung, I am happy to say. 
One night has Miss Wright (I mean Amra-Faye).
One night is a tribute. To whom? Doris Day!

A toast to thee, our fair KT
And that jubilee you oversee.
You have zip, zing, and zest
And we wish you the best
For your birthday and all the year through.
And mega-thanks for all that you do.
I am sure tout le monde would agree:
On the Cabaret Family Tree
You are one very prized V.I.P.

Click HERE to find out more about this month’s Cabaret Convention concerts on October 17, 18 & 19 and its sponsoring foundation.

Click HERE  to learn more about KT Sullivan.

Photo by Stephen Mosher


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