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BWW Review: Sexy, Subversive STORM LARGE Puts Out... Her Real, Raw, Raunchy Self All Over The Stage At Feinstein's/54 Below


Not Your Mama's Punk Rock Chick Anymore. This STORM's Winds Could Power The Planet!

BWW Review: Sexy, Subversive STORM LARGE Puts Out... Her Real, Raw, Raunchy Self All Over The Stage At Feinstein's/54 Below With Her Powerful Voice And Even More Powerful Personality And Even More Powerful Sensuality, Storm Large Proved She's More Hurricane Than Storm.

Heigh-Ho, My Merry Rainbow Tribe! Bobby Patrick, your RAINBOW Reviewer here. Putting the silent T in cabareT to bring you all the T!

"Would you like to review Storm Large?" says my editor in IM. "Sure... what's a Storm Large?" says Bobby. "Click this YouTube link," says he. 30 seconds later, "We're in!" says we. Having never heard (or heard of) this self-described "genre-fluid big mouth," it only took that long to be swept up in her power - a power she wielded from the stage over all the ladies & gentlemen, theys & thems of her Monday night audience at Feinstein's/54 Below. This pink-haired front lady for Pink Martini and her own touring band, Le Bonheur, entered to excited cheers from a crowd that, clearly, knew more about this STORM that just blew in than we did. Kicking off with the most unusual, captivating, wailing-rock-ballad-in-a-minor-key rendition of BWW Review: Sexy, Subversive STORM LARGE Puts Out... Her Real, Raw, Raunchy Self All Over The Stage At Feinstein's/54 Below Cole Porter's I'VE GOT YOU UNDER MY SKIN, that twice-mentioned power over the room was immediate and only enhanced by the moment she cried out, "Ohhh I F$&K'ed up!". Taking only a second or two to laugh and get back on track with marvelous musical director James Beaton, one might think that that fluff was a nice ice breaker to start us off, but trust little Bobby when we say, there is no ice in this STORM... and that will be the last weather pun from this little rainbow boy (OK - that was the last one). No ice, we say, because the heat from this firebrand of a performer simply would not have allowed anything cold into the space. Dressed exotically in a flowing, couture-esque silver threaded halter gown, her full forearm tattoo on display and body glitter a-plenty, the lady's glam rock look melding perfectly with her somewhat manic earth mother vibes, STORM took all assembled through one of the most eclectic cabaret sets imaginable. Songs penned by the likes of Cole, Alanis, Cyndi, Freddie, and even Ozzy for goodness sakes, plus 3 of her own compositions, may not, in print, read like an "artists journey," but in the hands and voice of this artist, with all her raw emotions and divine vulgarity, each number combined with the last to create a truly cathartic experience of coming out of the last year and a half with as much of our sanity as we could possibly carry.

All of STORM's covers were magnificent renditions that she & Beaton re-baked into rockerBWW Review: Sexy, Subversive STORM LARGE Puts Out... Her Real, Raw, Raunchy Self All Over The Stage At Feinstein's/54 Below babe anthems, ballads, and love songs to life and survival that moved from mournful (Morrissette's UNINVITED) to the wicked rock-plus-jazz conjuring of Lauper's ode to self-gratification, SHE BOP. Talking all the while between the numbers about her lonely, self-isolation in Portland, filled with television and furious self-gratification of her own, STORM shocked, amused, and reached the room with an enormous depth of feeling the likes of which would frighten the average Joe Average. Telling tales of how the switching out of her 20-year-old breast implants yielded two souvenirs she would adore to eBay, and how singing her hilariously twisted 8 MILE WIDE (a tribute to a certain portion of her anatomy in the style of one of those educational tunes from Sesame Street - whistling and all) sent a certain 9-year-old into a panic for which she had to "have a talk" with him left the onlookers breathless from laughter, snorts, and hoots at her unstoppable audacity. "Naughty" does not even begin to cover it and is, in fact, the wrong word to describe Storm Large. Raw, real, human, and powerfully FEMALE are just some of the adjectives we jotted down in our little notebook during the creative explosion we were a part of. Therein lies the ultimate attraction to this singer/songwriter's work on stage: her irresistible insistence that the room be a part of what she does in order to fulfill ALL our needs through her music. And not just the spectators' needs, no, but also her own, as her fuel was inevitably fired by having real, live people out there to sing to. Her voice moving from punk rock wails to bell tones of incredible beauty and range and back to sexy, ballsy, biker chick growls, Storm Large left your rainbow reviewer wondering how in the hell she had escaped our notice all these years. This is a singer of songs everyone should know - a simply courageous lady who does not step away from the precipice but jumps gleefully into the air because she knows that, from her height, she will have the delight of falling through clouds. Even the presence of her parents on the night did not dissuade STORM from going there, getting there, and living there, in the THERE of joyous, hedonistic rapture one feels after interminable captivity.

If you have never experienced the artistry that is Storm Large, my dearlings, then you must make it a mission in your life to find, hear and feel everything this STORM can blow into your life (Ok, Bobby lied - deal with it!) ... and for that and all she gives to her devotees old and new, Bobby gives Storm Large his full...

5 Out Of 5 Rainbows.

Storm Large has just one more performance at F/54B tonight and, she is most likely completely sold out, but give it a try by clicking: HERE

Or call F/54B at (646) 476-3551 & Check Out The Rest Of F/54B's Calendar: HERE

Find Out More About Storm Large On Her Webbysite: HERE

Grab Her Twitters: HERE

Stalk Her Insta-Pictograms: HERE

Look Up Her YouTubes: HERE

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And Followe On Ye Olde FaceBooke: HERE

Performance Photos By Yours Truly, Bobby Patrick

BWW Review: Sexy, Subversive STORM LARGE Puts Out... Her Real, Raw, Raunchy Self All Over The Stage At Feinstein's/54 Below

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