Feature: Stephen Mosher's Pandemic Playlist Number Fifteen

Interview: Matt Hawkins, Aurelia Williams of MY HEART SAYS GOToday's Pandemic Playlist takes us back to the boys and girls like you and me, the ones who live simple lives at home with their families, maybe they have a day job to preoccupy their time and swell the coffers, and then at night, they are in a club, performing, watching, supporting the craft. These are some of the die-hard members of the cabaret community who are online singing for their audiences until they can, once more, sing for them live.

Interview: Matt Hawkins, Aurelia Williams of MY HEART SAYS GO1. Lucille Carr-Kaffashan has done eleven solo cabaret shows since she first stepped onto a nightclub stage. With number twelve just waiting for a chance to get out, this enigmatic font of musical diversity is a beacon of light to her fellow artists, always there with supportive words and hands poised for applause. HERE Lucille can be seeing in her 2017 Bistro winning show.

Interview: Matt Hawkins, Aurelia Williams of MY HEART SAYS GO2. Zachary Wobensmith is an actor with a resume overloaded with impressive roles in some of the best musicals in the history of Broadway. When Mr. Wobensmith isn't playing roles, though, he can be found on the cabaret stages of NYC, frequently using his voice in group shows, sometimes showcasing his own songwriting talent. HERE he gives a cabaret audience a look at him in a role he actually played. See Zachary's WEBSITE

Interview: Matt Hawkins, Aurelia Williams of MY HEART SAYS GO3. Liora Michelle is a 2020 MAC award nominee for her debut show The Greedy Soprano and this opera diva who is spreading her wings and trying new things has found a new home on the cabaret stage. This soprano won't need to be greedy because people will be giving her many chances to sing, as evidenced by THIS performance. Find Liora Michelle online HERE

4. Bob Diamond has everything on his resume, from Moliere to Wilde, from The Boyfriend to Amahl. Bob Diamond has done it all, including winning a 2020 MAC Award for his latest show, The Game of Live. One of MAC's board members, Mr. Diamond is ever-present in the community, like a patriarchal figure send to lend a hand and lead the way. See Bob in action performing a TOUCHING rendition of a song many men haven't had a chance to sing. Bob Diamond has a BACKSTAGE Profile Page.

Interview: Matt Hawkins, Aurelia Williams of MY HEART SAYS GO5. Regina Zona Is the 2020 MAC Award recipient for female debut and this opera diva's show "Becoming the Queen" (two different versions) was an auspicious debut, indeed, garnering great reviews and praise from her new set of peers. HERE Regina showcases that which would become her opening number in her prize-winning act. Find Regina online HERE.

Interview: Matt Hawkins, Aurelia Williams of MY HEART SAYS GO6. Scott Raneri took a very interesting thing that happened in his personal life and turned it into a very interesting debut cabaret show, one that got him a 2020 MAC Award nomination. The likable young man has been embraced by the cabaret world and will surely be going on to more shows that will make him a staple of the art form. HERE Scott performs at an open mic night and HERE Scott can be found online.

Interview: Matt Hawkins, Aurelia Williams of MY HEART SAYS GO7. Lena Moy-Borgen is one of cabaret's great musical comedy performers. With her solo shows and her duo shows with Cheo Bourne, not to mention her emcee-duties for Mama's Next Big Act, Ms. Moy-Borgen is always working, and her audiences couldn't be happier. Her skill at many different types of comedy is always on display, as evidenced in this little PARODY number about a very famous lady. Find this 2020 two-time MAC nominee on Instagram @helenaborgen

Interview: Matt Hawkins, Aurelia Williams of MY HEART SAYS GO8. Mark William won a Broadway World award for his 2019 show "Come Croon With Me" and crooning is what Mr. William does best. With his deep, silky, retro-style voice and elegant fashions, Mr. William has captured the hearts of many people involved with and into cabaret. THIS is a prime example of what Mark William has to offer and THIS is Mark's website where his acting resume shows him to be a man of many parts.

Interview: Matt Hawkins, Aurelia Williams of MY HEART SAYS GO9. Deborah Zecher leads a double life. She's not a superhero in the usual sense of the word, but she does save and heal as a Rabbi and as a nightclub singer with a warm and friendly air about her that draws people in, maybe that is why she has been moonlighting on TV shows like Mrs. Maisel and The Blacklist. Everyone wants a bit of what Deborah has, which can be seen in this NUMBER from her debut show. Find Ms. Zecher online HERE

Interview: Matt Hawkins, Aurelia Williams of MY HEART SAYS GO10. Josh Daniel is an actor who is as easily cast in a Cole Porter musical as he is an Andrew Lloyd Webber show. With a big voice and a penchant for Sondheim shows, Mr. Daniel had important jobs as a Morman and in a Little Shop. When not on stage playing a part, Josh can be found filling cabaret rooms with his epic voice, and even though he is often seen singing into a mic, the truth is that he doesn't need one. For proof see THIS and then see Josh's WEBSITE

Before signing off on today's Pandemic Playlist - on the subject of the pandemic, I have seen many people on social media asking where they can buy protective masks. Some people are finding it difficult to find them for purchase, others have said they prefer to not wear surgical masks. With the shortage, many people have taken to making their own. A West Coast designer from whom I have bought garments in the past is hand-making safety masks and I have ordered them for my entire household. Anyone looking for a comfortable and individual facemask please jot down the information below:

Teresa Mitchell at Uppitees Fashions and Tie Dye can be found on Facebook HERE and you may chat with her directly to discuss, order, and pay for one or more of her custom made facemasks (I paid $9. for each mask I bought, with a small s&h charge) through Paypal, Venmo or the CashApp. You may see her Instagram @uppiteesfashions

Interview: Matt Hawkins, Aurelia Williams of MY HEART SAYS GOThese are dangerous times and though the opinion changes (almost daily) on whether or not you should wear a facemask, the opinion at my home never changes: stay alive. That's why we called Teresa for Facemasks.

Everyone stay safe, stay well, stay home.


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