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BWW Feature: Spotlight On Klea Blackhurst - A Video Library

Birdland's belter is beloved wherever she goes, on land, sea, or online.

BWW Feature: Spotlight On Klea Blackhurst - A Video Library The number of people who have an ardent devotion to Klea Blackhurst is one that is too big to be counted. From artists who wish for even a little bit of the magic and artistry that the famed belter possesses to fans who flock to the theaters in which she performs, Ms. Blackhurst has accumulated a profound following of fans. Whether working in nightclubs or on what people lovingly call the legitimate stage, Klea's sense of commitment to the material she is presenting, to the audiences who pay to see the show, and to the reverence of her craft is never less than one hundred percent, likely the reason for her success in the field of her choosing. One of the industry's most oft-employed performers, Klea Blackhurst is a woman whose name has become synonymous with excellence on the club and concert stage.

For audio-visual evidence of Ms. Blackhurst's peerless performance power, simply observe these few videos - then visit the Klea Blackhurst website HERE to learn more.

How a belter belts:

Gettin' vintage with Billy Stritch:

Philosophy and fruit in song:

Merman at Birdland:

Reminiscing about Jerry Lewis and Krispy Kremes:

Ethel is a theme:

Klea and four Klassy fellas:

A duet with a chum:

An annual party with two besties:

Entertaining the RFamily Cruise crowd:

Klea's Jerry Herman show trailer:

The Ethel Merman Playbill Project:

Singing from Merman's Apprentice:

Everything The Traffic Will Allow sizzle reel:

She is what she is:

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