X FACTOR RECAP: The Top 16 Revealed? ...Kind Of


The X Factor got off to a late start today, pushed back by baseball (and an unscheduled episode of Ben & Kate, for reasons I still don't fully understand). Tonight, the final 24 are whittled down to just 16 to perform in the live shows; whether you missed the episode or just want to find out who's chosen to continue, read on for a full recap of tonight's episode!

For the Teens (coached by Britney Spears), the team consists of: Diamond White, who fully deserves to be a part of the live shows; Carly Rose Sonenclar, who I'm still totally rooting for; plus last year's Arin Ray and teen belter Beatrice Miller. That means, though, that James Tanner and Reed Deming are headed home.

They make these poor kids walk right past the others who've already been put through. I can't tell if Britney really only has one super long, open hallway in her entire house or if the producers thought it would make for some awesome drama, but it's seriously a downer - kids really aren't at all cut out to be rejected in front of millions of people and then walk right by their competitors who've just been told yes.

LA Reid is still complaining about his group, the Over 25s, but he's chosen his four as well: David Correy, David Brock, Tate Stevens (whose reaction is one of my favorites of the night, complete with unbuttoning his country sleeves and offering a huge hug and an equally huge smile) and Vino Alan.<

Daryl Black and Tara Simon (who says haughtily that she's "been given 'no's that should have been 'yes'es her whole life") are sent home; they also have to walk right by the other singers, so I guess it's a choice that the show's made for all the contestants. Ouch, producers. 

Young Adults (Demi Lovato's team) will feature Jennel Garcia, Willie Jones and...um, well, we don't know. For some reason The Mindy Project starts playing. This is a serious hodge-podge of television on FOX tonight. Stay tuned - the show will now air in its entirety on Tuesday.

But for those of you who didn't catch The X Factor news from earlier today, Khloe Kardashian will indeed be hosting the show along with Mario Lopez

Which is, you know, about on par with the rest of FOX tonight.


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