VIDEO: Watch Fourth Episode of PEOPLE YOU KNOW

People you Know delves into the world of mixed signals as the cast continues to say one thing, but mean another. The fourth episode arrives today on the series website ( through Vimeo On Demand service. This episode deals with how we perceive the world when our emotions cloud our judgment so much that we end up seeing only what we want to see.

"We deal with the contradictory nature of the characters saying one thing, but meaning another," says co-creator Baltimore Russell. "This allows us to explore the duality that exists when our words and actions are at odds."

"Mixed Signals" starts with a misunderstanding as Emma pushes Monty to re-enter the dating scene. Lucas and Mia have an explosive exchange as things become heated after his locker room run-in with Reese. After returning from his honeymoon, Brady reconnects with Christian.

"This episode explores the fractured group as they continue to move further apart," co-creator John Dylan DeLaTorre says. "Lines have been drawn and sides have been taken, but is there any hope at all for reconciliation?"

Purchase the fourth episode for $2.99 now on the series website. Individual episodes are available throughout the summer, but for those of you who don't like waiting for episodes to come out - you can purchase for $15.99 season one, part one and binge watch immediately.

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VIDEO: Watch Fourth Episode of PEOPLE YOU KNOW