NEXT IRON CHEF: REDEMPTION Among Food Network's November Highlights

NEXT IRON CHEF: REDEMPTION Among Food Network's November Highlights

Food Network kicks off November with the season premiere of THE NEXT IRON CHEF: REDEMPTION on Sunday, November 4th at 9pm as ten contenders are back in Kitchen Stadium to compete for the only title worth fighting for again.

Food Network then puts the icing on the cake with new series Sugar Dome premiering Sunday, November 25th at 8pm where teams of food artists from all disciplines create jaw-dropping culinary displays and compete for a chance to win a $15,000 prize. Food Network serves up a packed lineup of Thanksgiving programming anchored by Thanksgiving Live on Sunday, November 18th at 12pm as the all-star chefs are back to answer viewers' Turkey Day questions.

As a side dish, Food Network offers up a themed Chopped episode on Tuesday, November 13th at 10pm and a special Thanksgiving Iron Chef America showdown Sunday, November 11th at 10pm. Guy Fieri energizes the November menu in a special, Guy's Family Reunion on Sunday, November 11th at 12pm, and Bobby Deen hosts All-Star Family Cook-Off on Sunday, November 18th at 10pm, as four Food Network celebrity chefs battle to win money for their favorite charity with their family members as sous chefs.Online at, it's all things Thanksgiving with special themed content including recipes, tips and exclusive web content for Thanksgiving Live. Join the Food Network conversation on Facebook and Twitter.


The Next Iron Chef: Redemption - Premiering Sunday, November 4th at 9pm
Premiering Sunday, November 4th at 9pm
In the season premiere of The Next Iron Chef: Redemption, ten of the most respected chefs in the culinary world take a trip to the beach to find that they must cook with the ingredient that sent them packing from previous Next Iron Chef and Iron Chef America competitions. Provided with just the essentials for cooking and 60 minutes to prove their culinary mettle, the chefs must rewrite their unpleasant histories with this ingredient and get a jumpstart on the road to redemption.Waves of trepidation pulse through the chefs when they see the "redemption" ingredients that they are expected to cook over hot coals and prove that they can be resourceful under difficult cooking conditions. The two least successful chefs enter a Secret Ingredient Showdown, and only one chef will prove worthy to move on to the next round.
Premiering Sunday, November 11th at 9pm
The nine remaining chefs head to an all-American diner to test their culinary skills of innovation. Instead of just elevating diner food to Kitchen Stadium-worthy dishes, the chefs must transform the diner classics with a global spin. The chefs head to Kitchen Stadium, but in a twist, they must compete against each other in groups of three to execute the innovation challenge. Each group is assigned either a taco, falafel or banh mi as inspiration, and the chefs must create an innovativeand Iron Chef worthy take on these classics. The least successful chef in each group ends up in the Secret Ingredient Showdown, and only two chefs survive in their quest to reign supreme in Kitchen Stadium.
Premiering Sunday, November 18th at 9pm
In this episode, the Chairman reaches back in his playbook and reprises a challenge from The Next Iron Chef Season One. The eight remaining chefs gather at a Los Angeles food institution, the Original Farmers Market, to get the next challenge. Renowned photographer, Todd Selby, meets the competitors and works with each chef to capture his/her unique personality in a single snapshot. The chefs then return to the kitchen and use these photos as inspiration for putting one of their opponents' personalities on a plate in just one simple and delightful bite. Four of the chefs are sent into the Secret Ingredient Showdown, but one ends their culinary quest to Kitchen Stadium.
Premiering Sunday, November 25th at 9pm
Seven chefs reach the halfway point in the Redemption competition, and now they must prove they can redeem and transform ingredients that are unworthy for Kitchen Stadium. The challenge of transformation is a Next Iron Chef classic: in season three, the chefs transformed county fair food, and in season four, the chefs reinvented ballpark food to Iron Chef worthy proportions. This season, the seven remaining chefs must redeem the reputation of canned food by transforminga variety of canned meats and fish into Kitchen Stadium quality fare. The two least successful chefs battle it out in the Secret Ingredient Showdown, and one chef is canned and ends the road to Redemption.

Restaurant: Impossible
Premiering Wednesday, November 21st at 9pm - SEASON PREMIERE!
"Poco's on the Boulevard"
Chef Robert Irvine is heading to Kansas City, Mo., to save a once flourishing family restaurant and repair the relationship between two sisters. Poco's on the Boulevard previously served delicious, authentic Latin food, but since the death of chef/owner, Poco, her daughters Claudia and Dana have been struggling to maintain the restaurant's food quality and profits.
Premiering Wednesday, November 28th at 9pm
"Rohrer's Tavern"
Chef Robert Irvine heads to North Bend, Ohio, to help revive Rohrer's Tavern, a local staple for more than 60 years. Current owner Lisa has faithfully stuck to the legacy of Rohrer's to a fault: tried and true customers are still around, but the lack of new patrons has put Lisa one month away from closing this local icon.


Sugar Dome- Premiering Sunday, November 25th at 8pm
Remarkable artists of all types team up for a one-of-a-kind competition to create the most jaw-dropping displays on earth in the new series Sugar Dome. Each week, three teams comprised of artists from completely different disciplines enter the Sugar Dome to battle it out and create never-before-seen, food art masterpieces. Cake designers and sugar artists team up with professional fruit carvers, graffiti artists, sand sculptors and more for a delicious rollercoaster ride to compete for the champion title and a $15,000 prize. Hosted by award-winning TV host David Bull, the contest is judged by distinguished pastry chef and cake designer Paulette Goto (Unique Sweets, Jacques Torres Chocolates) and acclaimed pastry chef Pichet Ong (Sugar and Plumm) as well as a rotating guest judge including actress Monica Potter, Motocross champion Nate Adams and costume designer Randall Christensen.


Iron Chef America - "Thanksgiving Showdown" - Premiering Sunday, November 11th at 10p
Team Iron Chef America takes on Team Chopped in this "Thanksgiving Showdown." Iron Chefs Michael Symon, Marc Forgione and Geoffrey Zakarian make up the home team, while Challengers Aarón Sanchez, Scott Conant and Marc Murphy represent Team Chopped.

Thanksgiving Weekend Cooking Blocks- Premiering Saturday, November 10th and Sunday, November 11th from 7am-12pm and Saturday, November 17th and Sunday, November 18th from 7am-12pm
For all turkey time needs, Food Network's weekend cooking blocks are the one stop shop for holiday info with premiere episodes from The Best Thing I Ever Made, Giada at Home, Guy's Big Bite, Paula's Best Dishes, The Pioneer Woman, Rachael Ray's Week in a Day, Sandra's Restaurant Remakes, Sandwich King and Trisha's Southern Kitchen.

Thanksgiving Live - Premiering Sunday, November 18th at 12-2pm
Food Network experts come together for a second year to help viewers avoid holiday meal-making mishaps on Thanksgiving Live,a two-hour, interactive show hosted by Alton Brown. Sunny Anderson, Giada De Laurentiis, Ree Drummond, Bobby Flay, Alex Guarnaschelli, Rachael Ray and Aarón Sanchezjoin Alton in the kitchen to answer viewers' questions and offer up real-time remedies for Thanksgiving Day disasters. The culinary experts also dole out helpful hints, time-saving tips and original recipes to help keep every home cook cool in the kitchen on Turkey Day.

Alton, with the help of Food Network experts, takes viewers' Thanksgiving preparation questions about purchasing the turkey and preparing the dressing, to picking wine and selecting the best decorations to make a picture-perfect holiday table décor. Viewers will not only have the opportunity to submit questions in advance via Facebook ( and Twitter ( use #ThanksgivingLive) but can also submit questions during the broadcast. The Food Network team will be answering the Top 10 Thanksgiving questions from exclusive Skype submissions (Username: FoodNetworkThanksgiving).

Complementing the on-air broadcast, Food Network will serve up a three-hour Thanksgiving Live webcast at Beginning at 11:30am ET, the site will stream a preshow featuring celebrity chef interviews and behind-the-scenes footage of Alton and the cast preparing for the big day. During the show, viewers can participate in a unique, co-viewing social experience implemented on, and A mix of real-time conversation including video, photos, Facebook and Twitter posts, all seamlessly integrated into the live video stream, it will allow chefs and viewers to share tips, recipes and commentary. After the on-air broadcast concludes, the online streaming video will continue with exclusive post-show coverage.

Chopped- "Happy Turkey Gizzards Day" - Premiering Tuesday, November 13th at 10pm
Gobble, gobble, it's Thanksgiving time in the Chopped Kitchen. The chefs are given gizzards in the first basket, and the competitors must step up their game when everyone's favorite - pumpkin pie - shows up in the entrée basket. In the end, the challenge is to compose chocolate desserts as part of the final Thanksgiving offering.

Chopped- "Chopping in a Winter Wonderland" - Premiering Sunday, November 25th at 10pm
Holiday time is here, and the chefs open up the first basket to find spiral ham and beautiful Italian cookies. Family memories influence decisions in their first dishes, but Santa Claus melons come to town for the entrée round, and one of the competitors makes a big holiday mess in the kitchen. Then, in the dessert round, the two remaining chefs must turn eggnog and Hanukkah gelt into the perfect final gift for the judges.


Guy's Family Reunion - Premiering Sunday, November 11th at 12pm
Guy Fieri throws the ultimate family reunion in Nags Head, N.C. Family means everything to Guy and he shows it, pulling out all the stops to make for a memorable reunion. Surrounded by dozens of his relatives, Guy cooks up a storm and plays just as hard. Throughout the week every meal is an event with the family pitching in - whipping up oyster and chicken po'boys, creatively stuffed French toast, delicious mahi-mahi tacos, and even a full on Outer Banks crab boil. Balancing out the food are family games on the beach, deep sea fishing, and crabbing in the sound. From interviews with family members to candid moments with Guy, this is a rare inside look at one of Food Network's biggest stars.

All-Star Family Cook-Off - Premiering Sunday, November 18th at 10pm
Bobby Deen hosts this light-hearted special, where Anne Burrell, Alex Guarnaschelli, Robert Irvine and Geoffrey Zakarian, battle it out to win money for their favorite charity, but today, these chefs are not competing alone - they are each paired with a family member! Each round brings a new challenge to the families, who are eliminated round by round until the family that truly cooks together, wins together.


Premiering Tuesday, November 6th at 10pm -"Unsung Heroes"
Four culinary heroes, who use their talents to give back to their communities, arrive at the Chopped Kitchen to compete. In an impressive first round, the chefs pull from their varied skill sets to create four beautiful plates of food. Then in the entrée round, something gamey and something fizzy make for an interesting mix of mystery ingredients. And when the final two chefs advance to the last round, they make desserts layered with sugary surprises.
Premiering Tuesday, November 13th at 10pm -"Happy Turkey Gizzards Day!"
Gobble, gobble, it's Thanksgiving time in the Chopped Kitchen. The chefs are given gizzards in the first basket, and the competitors must step up their game when everyone's favorite - pumpkin pie - shows up in the entrée basket. In the end, the challenge is to compose chocolate desserts as part of the final Thanksgiving offering.
Premiering Tuesday, November 20th at 10pm -"For Sake's Sake"
Ostrich tenderloin appetizers are on the menu after a dramatic first round of cooking. Then, for creativity's sake, the chefs must work hard to make terrific entrées with sable fish and sake. When one of the final competitors uses a rolling pin to compress hot dog buns, the judges wonder what kind of dessert they will get.

Cupcake Wars
Premiering Sunday, November 4th at 8pm - "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"
Four bakers, all husband and wife teams, become ninjas in the kitchen in order to win the battle to serve their cupcakes at a cast and crew party for the new animated series.
Premiering Sunday, November 11th at 8pm - "Cheerleader Cupcakes"
Cupcakes will fly as four competitors fight for the chance to serve their cupcakes at a huge celebration honoring the country's best cheerleaders.
Premiering Sunday, November 18th at 8pm - "The King of Cupcakes"
A whole lotta shakin' will be going on in the kitchen as four cupcake makers fight for the chance to serve their cupcakes at an exclusive party in Memphis celebrating Elvis Presley.

Restaurant Stakeout
Premiering Wednesday, November 14th at 10pm- "On Its Last Leg"
Willie Degel is called in to help the Haven Grill in Port Washington, N.Y. Tough economic times recently prompted this family-run restaurant to move from traditional Italian fare to an American menu with broader appeal. With the business still struggling, the restaurant has developed an identity crisis that's taking a toll on the married owners. Their daughter, Stephania, is desperate for Willie to sort out this messy situation and get the Haven Grill on the right track before it's too late.
Premiering Wednesday, November 21st at 10pm- "You Can't Fire Family"
At Ariana Restaurant in Huntington, N.Y., Willie Degel finds a family-run business suffering from too much family and not enough business. The owner's son, Joey, has reached out to Willie to help save the restaurant and convince his father that recent reviews point to a painful truth: The lax atmosphere toward customers is driving business away and threatens to run Ariana's into the ground.

Entertaining and Parties Weekend Cooking Blocks - Saturday, November 24th and Sunday, November 25th at 7am-2pm
Whether it is a big bash or an intimate small gathering, Food Network's all-star cast of chefs will share the top tips on preparing for a party with premiere episodes from The Best Thing I Ever Made, Giada at Home, Guy's Big Bite, Sandra's Restaurant Remakes, Sandwich King and Trisha's Southern Kitchen.


Daytime: Guy's Big Bite, Home Made in America with Sunny Anderson, The Pioneer Woman, Paula's Best Dishes, Sandra's Restaurant Remakes, Sandwich King, Trisha's Southern Kitchen

Primetime: Health Inspectors, Mystery Diners, Sweet Genius


Get ready for the best Thanksgiving yet with classic recipes and new ideas from fan-favorite Food Network chefs. From Alton Brown's five-star rated (4,000 times over) turkey recipe to Ree Drummond's cornbread stuffing and Paula Deen's famous pumpkin pie, Food Network serves up delicious ideas for every course. Read on for more exciting Thanksgiving features.

New for 2012:

This new feature highlights great tips and ideas from Food Network chefs about hosting the perfect Thanksgiving. Viewers get all-new inspiring tablescapes and party planning ideas from Sandra Lee, plus wine pairing tips, centerpiece how-tos and more. Plus, a countdown to Thanksgiving calendar with daily helpful tips.

Food Network chef's delicious appetizers are a fun and easy way to get started planning for Thanksgiving. Hungry guests will feast on classics like Giada De Laurentiis's Foolproof Stuffed Mushrooms and Paula Deen's Baked Brie. Turkey
Whether this year's plans include roasting, brining or finally tackling a deep-fried turkey, Food Network has the recipes and tips needed to pull it off. From Ina Garten's tried-and-true roasted turkey to Bobby Flay's black-pepper molasses glazed bird, this is a no-fail plan for the star of Thanksgiving.
Round out Thanksgiving feasts with classics like green bean casserole, brussels sprouts, carrots and macaroni and cheese. Bobby Flay demonstrates three ways to make cranberry sauce, and Alton Brown unlocks the secrets to perfect mashed potatoes.

Stuffing Some call it stuffing and others call it dressing, but everyone can agree it's a Thanksgiving favorite. Try Ina Garten's Sausage & Herb Stuffing, Ree Drummond's cornbread dressing and countless others that will be a hit on any Thanksgiving table.

Desserts Focus on the most fun part of any celebration: dessert!Home cooks will find recipes for cakes, cookies, cupcakes and of course, lots and lots of pie. Bake Ina Garten's Deep-Dish Apple Pie, Paula Deen's Pecan Pie and more can't-miss sweets.

While some make just enough food to feed family and friends on the big day, it means missing out on one of the best parts of Thanksgiving: leftovers. Food Network has great ideas and recipes from Rachael Ray, Guy Fieri and Melissa d'Arabian for sandwiches, soups, stews and more.