Juliette Fairley to Star in New Pilot of DISCIPLINARY ACTIONS


Broadway Actress Juliette Fairley wrapped a co-starring role in DISCIPLINARY ACTIONS, a pilot directed by Award Winning Filmmaker Tony Clomax. Fairley plays Maxine, a free-spirited socialite looking for adventure. Her co-stars include Nasser MetCalfe and Addison LeMay.

"I am thrilled to be working with Tony on this project. My character is fun and sexy. Maxine is a well-to-do divorcee with nothing better to do than find a new boyfriend. I love discovering new characters that writers create," said Fairley who recently wrapped a role in the Rik-Cordero directed Roots music video, NBC's Fatal Encounters and Celebrity Ghost Stories, which airs on the Biography Channel on Saturday December 10 at 9pm.

Written and co-produced by Dianna Brown-Smith, Disciplinary Actions is a drama that follows a successful New York City labor specialist played by Metcalfe who takes on high profile cases while navigating the unions, office politics and his personal life.

A WGA-writer with a CUNY degree in film production, Clomax is also the creator of the popular web series 12 Steps to Recovery, which won best television and best web series at Urban MediaMakers Film Festival in 2010. 12 Steps to Recovery airs its 14th webisode on November 23 viewable at www.12stepswebseries.com but will shift to feature film format in 2012.

"I'm looking forward to developing Disciplinary Actions. It's Law & Order meets Private Practice with a focus on union and non union labor issues," says Clomax whose production company Maximeyes Productions collaborates with Emelyn Stuart of Stuart Films LLC.

A fundraiser and screening are planned in January 2012 for the Disciplinary Actions web series, which is being shopped around to television networks as well.

Fairley is just coming off a co-starring role in two episodes of the Michael Pinckney-directed Colors of Love tv series and is best known for her Broadway solo show Mulatto Saga, directed by famed filmmaker Charles Burnet who also directed Halle Berry in the Oprah Winfrey-produced movie of the week The Wedding and the late Lynn Redgrave in the Annihilation of Fish.