A Group Of Entertainment Industry Veterans Join Forces To Launch A Groundbreaking New Venture Called The Dream Counsel.

CHICAGO, Jan. 16, 2018 /PRNewswire-iReach/ Never before has such an esteemed and accomplished team of entertainment industry veterans been assembled for the sole purpose of offering young people one-on-one guidance and advice as they pursue a career in the arts.

The Dream Counsel is the brainchild of award-winning veteran songwriter and producer Darryl Duncan. Throughout his career he has mentored and guided countless young people who chose to pursue a career in the arts. Building on this concept, Duncan decided to assemble a team of the industry's most experienced and accomplished professionals in a variety of entertainment fields to create a consulting agency able to answer the questions and help guide the careers of young dreamers.

This team of industry experts will be consulting in a variety of fields including dancing, acting, modeling, rapping, singing, songwriting, poetry, voice acting and music production, with several more career fields slated for 2018-2019 expansion. Never before have young people had such direct and immediate access to such an accomplished and elite group of experts.

They offer four consultation packages of varying time lengths. They are conducted by phone or video conference and each are surprisingly affordable, allowing even those who may be struggling financially to benefit from the vast knowledge and decades of experience these established professionals possess.

Founder and President Darryl Duncan explains: "I've been mentoring, advising and guiding young people for many years, and it hit me how priceless it would be if an aspiring artist of any kind could speak to someone whenever they wanted who has traveled the road they wish to embark upon. I'm thrilled to have enlisted the talents of individuals with impeccable resumes in their respective fields. We have the best of the best on our consulting team, even a well- known celebrity. I have no doubt that The Dream Counsel will be a reliable, dependable and affordable resource for young people who know the career they want to pursue, but simply have no idea where to start. We will be that living knowledge resource that points them in the right direction with solid, proven and effective strategies for their career goals. I truly wish something like this had existed when I first started my career."

The Dream Counsel has already been endorsed by a growing list of industry professionals who immediately recognized the value and the need for such a service for young people in today's entertainment industry.

Visit The Dream Counsel's website to learn more, meet the team, read testimonials and see the endorsements of this groundbreaking new service. Simply go to: https://www.dreamcounsel.co (that's .co, not .com) ____________________________________________________________________________________________About Darryl Duncan:
Darryl is a veteran award-winning songwriter and producer with major credits in the mainstream music industry as a staff songwriter and producer for Warner/Chappell music and A&M records. Today, Darryl's company GameBeat Studios has extensive credits in the gaming and advertising industries. Learn more about GameBeat and their credits at www.gamebeatstudios.com.