100 YEN: The Japanese Arcade Experience Now Available on DVD

100 YEN: The Japanese Arcade Experience Now Available on DVD

Avid gamer and successful entrepreneur, Chris LaPorte of Insert Coin(s), has ventured into the film world. LaPorte serves as the Executive Producer of the newly released film, 100 YEN: The Japanese Arcade Experience.

100 YEN: The Japanese Arcade Experience is a riveting historical documentary about the progression and journey of the arcade culture. The film explores the history of arcades, from the birth of arcades to the gaming avenues that still thrive modern day. With a noteworthy emphasis on three major arcade genres including shooting games, fighting games and rhythm games, 100 YEN: The Japanese Arcade Experience guides viewers through a world where video games rule supreme.

Set in Japan, 100 YEN: The Japanese Arcade Experience exposes the location roots of the video game and arcade industry. The film features interviews with industry professionals, game programmers and designers, casual gamers and gaming icons. The goal of the film is to expose the experience of being immersed in gaming establishments, while educating the public on how they have developed into modern day.

"I am proud to be involved in the conception and release of 100 YEN: The Japanese Arcade Experience, and hope to spread knowledge about the relevance of the arcade and gaming culture in the USA," said Executive Producer, Chris LaPorte.

"Previously, there has been a negative stigma regarding arcade gaming in America. Arcades just never 'grew up' here," LaPorte explains. "Being the visionary and creator Insert Coin(s), a "barcade" that is a staple of Downtown Las Vegas, I am excited to open the public's eyes to the evolution of the arcade scene, and reintroduce the gaming industry in a new way to morph public perspective.Insert Coin(s) allows guests to relive their favorite childhood gaming memories, while enjoying an adult atmosphere."

Opening its doors in April of 2011, the concept of Insert Coin(s) derived from Japanese arcade culture and delivers the same passion, obsession, competition and social setting that have prevailed successful in Japanese markets. Recently celebrating the 2 year anniversary of Insert Coin(s), the strength of the gaming industry is prevalent and is slowly making quite the imprint in the entertainment culture worldwide.

100 YEN: The Japanese Arcade Experience is available for purchase on DVD: http://100-yen-film.myshopify.com/

About Chris LaPorte:

Chris LaPorte is the founder of Insert Coin(s), nestled in the iconic, neon-laden Fremont East District of Downtown Las Vegas, Insert Coin(s) Videolounge Gamebar features an innovative combination of classic arcades, lounge service, console video gaming and world-renowned DJs. Guests can choose from more than 60 refurbished arcade cabinets in the COIN-OP Corner, including "Tron," "Frogger," "Donkey Kong" and "Street Fighter II," as well as 40 video game consoles, ranging from Atari 2600 to Super Nintendo to Xbox 360. Home to thousands of modern and retro games and 44 large HDTV's, InsertCoin(s) is an ideal venue for videogame tournaments, private parties, corporate events and product launches. For reservations call 702-477-2525. Insert Coin(s) Videolounge Gamebar is located at 512 Fremont Street. For additional information, please visit www.InsertCoinsLV.com, facebook.com/insertcoinslv ortwitter.com/insertcoinslv. For additional information about 100 YEN: The Japanese Arcade Experience, please visithttp://www.100yenfilm.com/.