VIDEO: 'Antag' Music Video - Muddy Boots Productions' Rock Opera SMILE SWAMP PRINCESS

Below, Muddy Boots Productions presents the first music video for rock opera Smile Swamp Princess. "Antag" is the hymn of the end, about leaving your heart behind with the one you love. Click below to watch the video!

Muddy Boots Productions is presenting the glittery glam rock opera, Smile Swamp Princess. The conceptual brainchild of composers Megan Lui and Justin Johnson with producer and artist director Molly Brolin, Smile Swamp Princess goes beyond theatrics and proves to be a one-of-kind live acoustic and visual experience that immerses its audience into a magical world all its own filled with swamp creatures and space cowboys. Through compelling characters, majestic visuals, and an original soundtrack that drives the production, Smile Swamp Princess tells a mystical love story and is a stunning musical feat certain to enchant its listeners.

"When a wandering space cowboy lands on a swampy planet inhabited by a brooding princess, it is love at first sight, but his presence causes unforseen chaos, and she is faced with the conflicting decision to follow her heart or set things at home right again."

Smile Swamp Princess tells the tale of the Swamp Princess and her Space Cowboy, with their love unfolding through magical rock ballads and up-tempo, colorful love songs. Immediately inspired by Karen O's Stop the Virgens and heavily influenced by glam rock and the concept of androgyny, Molly and Justin wanted to create a rock opera all their own that captured their musical influences in their storytelling: "The concept of Justin's character - a space cowboy - is kind of our homage to David Bowie, who for me is a major influence in the concept of a theatrical rock show."

With the Swan Princess and Space Cowboy challenged to remain glamorous and to smile even when all signs point to the relationship running amuck, Smile Swamp Princess ends up presenting a story that glimmers with hope and a soundtrack that shines with wisdom. As Molly, the art director of the production, describes: "Smile Swamp Princess, the characters and the story itself, although silly and colorful and fun at first glance, is really an insight into the post-adolescent struggle into adulthood." The rock opera album genuinely reflects its creators' sentiments about growing up and finding yourself in the midst of swampy circumstances.

The Smile Swamp Princess band creates a sound that is both raw and beautiful to accompany its gorgeous narrative. While Megan Lui's rich voice is sweet, soulful and electric, Justin Johnson's heavy piano melodies ground her vocals and together they are a powerful songwriting force on the rock opera's soundtrack. Ben Larroquette compliments the catchy duo with his low rumbling riffs on his baritone guitar and Jorn Bielfeldt adds extra depth to the tracks by creating layers of experimental cosmic rhythms on the drums. Together, the band is able to achieve a unique and theatrical sound that makes Smile Swamp Princess stand out as a thought-provoking musical work.

Built upon the groundwork of storytelling through collaboration, Smile Swamp Princess is a staged concept album supported by visual and theatrical narrative. With original pieces of song, movement, and poetry by the band, this playfully grim story and striking soundtrack will move its audiences in a memorable, evocative way.

The show will play tonight, September 4 and Thursday, September 5th at The Wild Project , 195 E 3rd St, New York, NY. Begins at 8PM; doors open at 7:30. Admission: $15.
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VIDEO: 'Antag' Music Video - Muddy Boots Productions' Rock Opera SMILE SWAMP PRINCESS