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VIDEO: Watch Tom Goss' Music Video for 'Québec,' Featuring MEAN GIRLS Actor Daniel Franzese

Rising singer, songwriter and veteran musician Tom Goss has released the passionate and evocative music video for "Quebec" starring Mean Girls' Daniel Franzese. Check out the first look via Billboard. Filmed on location in Quebec, the single tells the story of Tom revealing to his husband he is in love with another man after learning of his husband's infidelity and opening their marriage. Devastated, the chorus recounts Tom's husband's words before he broke down, word for word: "We are not us. There is another us to us. We are not special. We are no longer special." The music video for "Quebec" marks Goss and Franzese's second collaboration following the music video for "La Bufadora," which has been nominated for best "Indie Music Video" at this year's Queerties.

"The experience that inspired the song, and video was one of the saddest of my life. Still, in many ways, it was one of the most profound. I feel grateful to have worked with such an amazing creative team, where I could be vulnerable, honest, and naked (literally and figuratively,)" shares Goss. "Hopefully this song and video helps people see beyond themselves, to the unintended consequences that must be considered when handling someone's heart."

Both singles are tracks off of Goss' recently released seventh studio album Territories. The 15- track collection produced by Ian Carmichael (Lamb, The Orchids, One Dove,) explores new emotional and relational territory and the many complications of love. Throughout the past year-and-a-half of world exploration and self- discovery, Goss found himself in a place that was not his own. Believing that we are more susceptible to emotional growth when we are pushed out of our comfort zone, Territories abandons any facade of safety and dives into the unknown.

Previous single, "Berlin," is a piano-driven ballad with lush undertones based on a personal tale about finding another lover after learning of his husband's infidelity. Goss also issued the striking black and white music video for the song, filmed in Berlin. Amidst the darkest hour of their marriage, Tom and his husband chose an unconventional solution in an effort to steady the ship - staying married but initiating "an open relationship with boundaries." Soon after, Goss took a trip to Berlin, where he started to discover what love and sexuality meant to him. As he began to fall in love with someone else, Goss learned to process how he could love both a new man and his husband.

"La Bufadora" depicts a fictionalized story of an abusive relationship while highlighting the reality of domestic violence within the LGBTQ community, a timely subject noting October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Statistics show that within the LGBTQ community, intimate partner violence occurs at a rate equal to or higher than that of the heterosexual community. Proceeds from the song and video will be donated to the National Domestic Violence Hotline and the Los Angeles LGBT Center.

First single "Quayside" tells the delicate story of diving into a polyamorous relationship, a journey littered with potential dangers. The track wrestles with Goss' own perceptions of love and relationships, providing a candid snapshot of his own life.

Tom Goss is an acclaimed singer-songwriter who went from a quiet childhood in Kenosha, Wisconsin, to wrestling at the college level in Missouri before eventually entering a Washington, DC seminary, leaving the priesthood after a year, and marrying his husband. Since the launch of a successful music career in 2006, the Los Angeles-based artist has delivered six fan-favorite independent albums, generated over 10 million collective streams and 12 million views, landed syncs everywhere from ABC and HBO to Univision, and performed alongside Andy Grammer, Taylor Dayne, and more. In some ways, everything merely set the stage for the release of Territories, where he is sharing a piece of himself like never before by allowing listeners into his life. After the shock of walking in on his husband with somebody else, choosing to stay married but in an open relationship, and falling in love with another man, the concept for Territories was born. Having worked together on a popular remix of Tom's single "Breath and Sound," Goss enlisted Carmichael to produce, and sonically the music took cinematic shape woven together with synths and electronic soundscapes.

Watch the music video below!

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