Tora Fisher Debuts New CD with Appearance at CBGB Festival, 7/6

Tora Fisher Debuts New CD with Appearance at CBGB Festival, 7/6

In support of the release of her debut CD "Spilling Over" July 10th, pop rock singer/songwriter Tora will perform at this year's CBGB Festival in New York City on Friday, July 6th, at 10pm at The Lit Lounge. She will be in good company as this year's festival features performances by Guided By Voices, Wyclef Jean, Redd Kross, Fishbone, David Johansen and many others who are part of the 2012 version of the infamous annual music festival that mixes new and emerging artists with performances by established talent.

Tora returns to New York straight on the heels of a wildly successful performance at the Sunset Sessions Rocks Radio Promo and Film Supervision Conference June 21-24th in California, where radio programmers and industryites raved about her visit alongside the likes of Lit, Everclear, Taproot and P.O.D. "Watching Tora at Sunset Sessions reminded me that I can be surprised by music. I believed her and know large audiences will too," said James Howard Program- Director WWDC in Washington DC. Added Ward Hake, Vice President of Music , 20th Century Fox, "If you've been wondering if the NYC music scene is still vibrant with new young artists, then you need to check out Tora. Tora is a native New York artist with her own sound and vision."

Singer/songwriter Tora Fisher found her voice -and salvation- through heartache and loss. After all, it's not many people who like Tora, walk away as the sole survivor of a tragic plane crash. In her debut CD, SPILLING OVER, a passionate ode to these very themes, Tora explores these feelings track by track and word by word, having written or co-written all the songs on the album, and delivering something that is nothing short of highly personal and intensely moving, a passionate song cycle that explores the emotions which emanate from the very depths of the human soul. Produced by Tora and Michael Mugrage, who also co-wrote several tracks on the CD, SPILLING OVER is set for release July 10th, 2012, via LML Music/Allegro.<

With a powerful voice and edgy, eclectic style (not to mention those wordsmith prowesses) that bring to mind a combination of Tori Amos, Adele, Ann Wilson and Chrissie Hynde, twenty-two year old Tora Fisher is a musical force to be reckoned with.

From songs such as "Dirty Secret" and "Summer Eyes" that explore a somewhat forbidden love to classic break-up/heartache songs such as "Nothing" and "For Dead"; from the soaring, anthemic qualities of "Finally Free" to dealing with post traumatic stress in "Own The Skies" to the emotions of seeing her father's grave for the first time on "And I Won't Cry" and "Second Tree From The Corner" (written when Tora was just thirteen), every track on Tora's remarkable CD SPILLING OVER causes the listener to pause and think, contemplating the parallels between the songs they are hearing and their very own life experiences.

Accompanying Tora on SPILLING OVER are stellar musicians Michael Mugrage (who also co-wrote several of the tracks on the album with Tora and produced the CD as well), Seth Glassman on Bass and Frank Vilardi on Drums. SPILLING OVER was written in New York City and recorded at Carriage House Studios and was a project a year in the making. Said Tora, "I called the album Spilling Over because I finally wrote about all the experiences I was trying to keep inside. Once I gave in to exposing myself on the record, all of the songs nearly exploded out of me. It can be scary to dig that deep but I knew it was the only way the music would be honest and meaningful...and hopefully, touch somebody."

Accompanying the release of SPILLING OVER will be a series of select concert dates throughout 2012.