Singer ELIJAH BLAND Encourages Women to #LoveYourself & Encourages Positive Self Image

Singer ELIJAH BLAND Encourages Women to #LoveYourself & Encourages Positive Self Image

International Recording Artist Elijah Bland, has launched the #LoveYourself campaign with the mission to encourage and inspire future generations of women to develop positive relationships with their self image. In addition to the global campaign, Bland will launch the #LoveYourself Tour Summer 2014. Anchored by a live concert in various cities, Bland will collaborate with local artists, organizations and community leaders to host events, promote and encourage productive dialogue and lead engaging workshops surrounding positive self-esteem and address image-related issues, primarily among women and girls.

The #LoveYourself campaign was born of a song written and recorded by Bland, entitled "Wash The Mirror (Love Yourself)". Speaking to the root of the cause, this song has touched many hearts and changed many lives, as it encourages every woman to take control of her own self image and truly love the person she sees in the mirror every day. The lyrics offer hope and empowerment, stating: "It's all in your mind; you've got to change the beholder's eye. You've got to love yourself, love yourself, love yourself."

Global research shows that only four-percent of women around the world consider themselves beautiful and anxiety about appearance begins at an early age. Six out of 10 girls are so concerned with the way they look, that they actually opt out of participating fully in daily life - from going swimming and playing sports, to visiting the doctor, going to school or even offering their opinions. Bland's goal is to vastly skew these statistics and to make self-esteem a "trending" topic, hence the social media hashtag written into the brand.

Elijah Bland's #LoveYourself campaign has garnered interest in several major U.S. markets, including New York, Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago, Miami, Washington D.C. and several others. The interest was initially sparked by the release of a fan-driven lyric video for "Wash The Mirror (Love Yourself)", which features "selfie" photos submitted by fans throughout the United States and beyond. With this and other engaging platforms, Bland aims to affect this cause worldwide and deliver his message through the universal language of music.

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