PORNOGRAPHY: 7 MINUTES IN HEAVEN Now Available on Amazon & iTunes

PORNOGRAPHY: 7 MINUTES IN HEAVEN Now Available on Amazon & iTunes

Having sold through its entire physical pressing within days of its Record Store Day release April 20 on PAX-AM, Pornography's seven-song debut single "7 Minutes In Heaven" is now available digitally via iTunes and Amazon as of April 23.

The digital version of "7 Minutes In Heaven" features two bonus tracks--"I'm Not Used To Failure" and "Dirty Cross-Dresser"--making it an even more affordable alternative than the $20 or more the 7-inch is currently fetching on eBay.

There are no plans at present to re-press "7 Minutes In Heaven," however a second Pornography EP "Montage Mahal" should be birthed by PAX-AM before too long.

Pornography is Leah Hennessey, Ryan Adams and Johnny T. Yerington. The band's origin story takes about as long to recount as "7 Minutes In Heaven" takes to listen to: Adams and Yerington, whose C.V. includes drumming and co-writing credits on the former's 2003 album Rock N Roll, had a chance encounter with Hennessey at her (sort of) workplace that quickly led to her unknowingly auditioning for their band The Finger. By the close of a 2-hour session that went incredibly well, it was decided this would be a new band entirely-one she then named Pornography-the three of them were well on their way to writing and recording "7 Minutes In Heaven" and another EP and album's worth of material.

Gus Oberg produced all that stuff. It was recorded at the East Village Recording Center.

If you haven't heard "7 Minutes In Heaven" lead track "Last Nite at the Opera" yet, it can be streamed/embedded here: