Loren Beri Shares Single 'Greta's Inn' Feat. Kishi Bashi Ahead of Debut EP

The new EP is set to be released on July 10, 2022.

By: May. 25, 2022
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Loren Beri Shares Single 'Greta's Inn' Feat. Kishi Bashi Ahead of Debut EP

Brooklyn-based synth-pop artist, Loren Berí, releases his third single, "Greta's Inn," today, this time featuring multi-instrumentalist Kishi Bashi (of Montreal, One Jupiter).

Picking up where "Prince V," left off, the two narrate the story of characters they find in an otherworldly tavern, Greta's Inn, in a fictionalized version of New York City. Loren Berí's debut EP, Stray Cat Kingdom, a five-track collection written and recorded by Berí, is due out July 20, 2022 and available for pre-order now.

Both of Berí's previous singles, "My Brooklyn (Is Better Than Yours)" and "Prince V" featuring Itamar, return to a world set in a romanticized, alternate version of New York City. Here, imagination and distorted reality meet, as Berí introduces a slew of characters, and in turn, various aspects of his life, over bubbling, synthy beats and tongue-in-check lyricism.

The first single, "My Brooklyn (Is Better Than Yours)" premiered with FLOOD Magazine, who called it "a wildly magnetic-and hilarious-homage to NYC." FLOOD continues, "The song pairs Berí's bubbly synths and catchy melodies with tales of a fizzled cross-country fling, visions of Berlin and brunch and Bryant Park, and plenty of tongue-in-cheek digs..with a joyful, roving feel."

"Greta's Inn" is a hidden tavern shrouded in mystery where the icons of Berí's world-both past and present-coincide. On the twinkling track, Berí is joined by Bashi, who plays violin and contributes lead vocals and harmonies, as well as Mauro Refosco (David Byrne, Atoms For Peace, Dirty Projectors) on percussion, who combine to immerse listeners into an enchanting realm, in which it's easy to escape.

In addition to Bashi's musical contributions to the track, he also introduces listeners most formally to the specific characters of the fictitious world, like Alby. Bashi sings, "There is Alby who has everything and Dogen who loves nothing / Kusama's by the polka dotted blinds / Watts cures you of your taboo / Shunryu sights "untrue is true" / As Kahlo's staring death to cry."

From there, Berí continues to add brush strokes to the musical mural of the unruly Stray Cat Kingdom, re-entering "Prince V" into the picture, who gathers the courage to face his own past.

Providing further context for the characters within the kingdom, Berí adds, "Alby lives a sort of lonely life as a now older and iconic musician, and a hero to the younger characters. While my song "My Brooklyn (Is Better Than Yours)" goes into how the idea of a place can outgrow the place itself, I think Alby represents how the idea of an icon and hero can cover up who the real person is behind the larger than life character we see them as."

Tying Alby into the the world of real life superstars, Berí continues, "I always imagined Alby as a mix between Bowie and David Byrne, this iconic, older and quintessentially New York artist who is looked up to by the other characters, whose archetype inspired them to do what they do, and isn't actually much like who they think he is. And Alby represents what these New York City transplants aspire to become."

Ultimately, Berí illustrates how utterly ridiculous the pursuit to be an artist in New York City can be. In a city so oversaturated with aspiring stars, it quickly becomes impossible to stand out. Yet, through Alby, Berí is able to find the beauty and lessons within the pursuit itself.

An overwhelming sense of excitement washed over collaborator Kishi Bashi upon receiving the track as the two began to mold it into what it is today. Bashi explains, "When Loren sent me this track for a potential collaboration, I was immediately hooked by the character of the song and its addictive melody. His song oozes with that powerfully classic Brooklyn hipster neuroticism."

Berí uses the various characters as vehicles through which he is able to tell his own truth, and illustrate his own experiences from asking intricate, existential questions, to better understanding his identity in all its forms, while tending to his mental health, and exploring aspirations and roles he might play in his own life.

Loren Berí grew up surrounded by classical music, spending countless hours at the piano. Berí began writing songs by the age of 15 to cope with the loss of his father, and by college, he was bouncing around various bands before planting roots in New York City. After a naturally lonely and difficult adjustment period amidst a pandemic, Beri's debut EP began to take shape. After meeting and befriending producer O Mer, who produced and mixed three of the EP's five songs, a project began to solidify, catching the hearts and minds of both Bashi and Refosco who are both featured on the EP.

On "Greta's Inn," featuring Kishi Bashi, out everywhere now, Loren Berí carefully cultivates hope with the help of those around him, including Prince V, in the surreal universe of the Stray Cat Kingdom. All three of the latest singles from Berí including "My Brooklyn (Is Better Than Yours)" and "Prince V" featuring Itamar are out everywhere now. Find Loren Berí on Instagram and Facebook and stay tuned for the rising musician's debut EP, Stray Cat Kingdom, due out this July and available for pre-order now.

Listen to the new single here:


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