Jonatha Brooke's Album 'My Mother Has Four Noses' Exceeds Target Sales in First Week

By: Dec. 19, 2012

Modern folk icon Jonatha Brooke's ambitious album and theater project, *My Mother Has Four Noses*, exceeded its entire campaign target in its first week. It documents the poignant and, at times, humorous journey of Jonatha living with her mother who is in the advanced stages of Alzheimer's-induced dementia. It's been an overwhelming response to a highly ambitious creative undertaking. In return for supporting the album and workshops of the play, fans receive such personal and intimate memorabilia as a handwritten lyric sheet, specialty T-shirts and powerful real time connections like attending a rehearsal, enjoying a living room concert, or getting a music and guitar lesson from Jonatha.

For over 20 years, the literate and boldly vulnerable singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist has garnered immense critical acclaim and built a remarkably devoted fan base with her finely crafted solo records. She started her career as one half of Massachusetts' beloved and highly respected folk duo, The Story, which released two seminal modern folk classic records. On her own, Jonatha has built a highly respected profile with critics and AAA radio, as well as amassed a warmly engaging relationship with a strong nationwide fanbase.

Seeds of this powerfully expressive project were sown two Septembers ago when Jonatha moved her mother to New York. "It was quite an adventure. My mother had always been dramatic, but in her dementia, she elevated her own particular brand of theatre to a whole new level. Almost daily she would play, 'Boolie! Are you getting this down? This is Good! We should make a play out of it!'" Jonatha recalls. "So I did. I wrote a play - it's a musical, and I've written an album of new material to accompany it." Jonatha will also be donating a part of what she raises to the Cure Alzheimer's Fund. "They are a no-nonsense organization that spends every penny they make on finding a cure," she says. "We have to start talking about this disease, - it's uncomfortable, - but the reality is that anybody with a brain is susceptible!"

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