FAVORED NATIONS Debuts Video for 'Amazon' on BlackBook!

FAVORED NATIONS Debuts Video for 'Amazon' on BlackBook!

Having premiered their lead single on Stereogum and the full stream of their second EP onSpin, Favored Nations are now releasing the highly anticipated music video for "Amazon,"the song of this summer. This week, BlackBook premieres this feast for the eyes and the ears.

The product of a night out in the city of angels, trans-Atlantic trio Favored Nations has accomplished quite a bit since they cut their first demos in early 2012. The release of their first EP, Blame Game, was met with critical acclaim. Then, Rockstar Games used their song "The Setup" for the finale in their hugely popular video game Grand Theft Auto V.

Their accomplishments thus far aren't too surprising since the trio is made up of some very familiar and beloved men on the dance music scene. James Curd is one of the most sought after remixers in the genre and he founded the group with singer Morgan Phalen, whose voice will sound familiar to anyone who listened to Justice's psychy second LP Audio Video Disco. Curd then added Surahn Sidhu, touring bass and guitar player for Empire of the Sun, to the mix.

On July 1st Favored Nations released their second EP Amazon via Jupiter Clique. The track list for the EP is below.

1. "Amazon"

2. "That's Not Who We Are"

3. "The Setup (Finale Version)"

"Amazon" is an energetic track, built on frantic rhythms and soaked in catchy guitar riffs. The song blazes its way through the fun-filled three minutes fifty leaving you with no other choice than to play it again. If "Amazon" is L.A, then "That's Not Who We Are" is definitely the Bahamas - sun soaked rhythm guitar accompanied by sample heavy drums and an infectious summer vibe. The EP is then finished out with "The Setup," a track familiar to those who were able to play their way through Los Santos. All in all the whole EP is cause for a cold drink and a good time.