Eric 'EQ' Young's new single 'Never Stop Loving' hits Billboard Top 25

Eric 'EQ' Young's new single 'Never Stop Loving' hits Billboard Top 25

"I was born to do this", says singer, song writer and virtuoso bass player Eric 'EQ' Young, and who could disagree as his new R&B smash single "Never Stop Loving" soars the Billboard Top 25 Hot Singles Sales Chart (at number 18) and the Top 10 Billboard Hip Hop and R&B Singles Sales Chart (at number 9). The idea of never stopping especially when the going gets tough are words to live by and are especially poignant for Eric. His new found success is a testament to how this veteran showman has never stopped believing in his natural gift as a born entertainer.

A native of the San Francisco Bay Area, his Grandfather gave Eric his first bass at eight years old. Inspired by the sound of Sly Stone, he quickly became a self taught, intuitive musician. Eric was given his first break into the music industry from legendary producer Quincy Jones, and the name 'EQ' was bestowed on Eric by Don Cornelius after a mind boggling Soul Train performance.

Rubbing shoulders with the elite of soul and funk only made 'EQ' work harder to impress, his collaboration resume of funk icons is as long as it is impressive. EQ has worked with everybody from George Clinton and Parliament to Barkays, Dazz Band and Alexander O'Neal, he has also been a fixture of classic funk band Con Funk Shun for twenty years.

Stepping back into the spotlight as a solo artist for the first time in 25 years is a reward for Eric's commitment to his craft, his new EP "Just 4 You", offers a six track teaser of his new full length CD. It's tantalizingly sweet, sexy, soulful, and funky, peppered with influences from Rock, Salsa, Gospel, Pop, and Jazz and R&B.

The "Never Stop Loving" single tearing up Billboard is a beautiful piece of quiet storm soul inspired by Eric's wife. The sound is slick and warm, with cool piano keys, husky guitar licks, and luscious harmonies mixed with EQ's perfectly pitched voice. The lyrics are down to earth and relatable, it's not your average love song, this is about communication and dedication. It's fair to say there hasn't been a song this heartfelt since Earth, Wind and Fire's 'Devotion'.

EQ's passion is something the world needs to feel, his music is refreshing and organic in a ever dissolving plastic world. EQ describes his music as 'real'. In his own words:

" The album is all live musicians, no computer or samples. Everyone is singing and playing live instruments. There's vibe for each song. A lot of my songs make you dance and I have a song that might make you cry".

Whether he's entertaining audiences in the States or abroad or travelling to Iraq to play for the troops, Eric 'EQ' Young's sincere talent is the breath of fresh air that the music industry needs.

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Eric 'EQ' Young's new single 'Never Stop Loving' hits Billboard Top 25