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Dom La Nena Releases New Single 'Quién Podrá Saberlo'


The new song is the third single off the upcoming album, 'Tempo.'

Dom La Nena Releases New Single 'Quién Podrá Saberlo'

Dom La Nena releases a new single ahead of album release. "Quién Podrá Saberlo" ft. Julieta Venegas is out today.

For Dom La Nena,"'Quién Podrá Saberlo' is a song about our past: what do we do with everything we experience? What do we do with the frustrations, disappointments, with our fears? How are relationships changed or reshaped? Life is made up by a series of events and accidents, many times things do not go as planned and we have to constantly adapt to situations... It is a subject that raises many questions but does not have a concrete answer! We filmed this video clip between Buenos Aires and Paris, in a very dreamlike and timeless universe - which mixes past, present and imaginary memories... the ups and downs of love, the stages of life."

She continues, "I composed this song a few years ago when Julieta had invited me to participate in some of her performances during a tour of Spain. We wanted to make a song together, and with this idea, I composed "Quién Podrá Saberlo" - already thinking about her voice and unique timbre and about mixing our musical universes. I moved to Buenos Aires to study the cello when I was 13 years old. At that time, I was alone in a city that I did not know and did not even speak Spanish. I started listening to a lot of Latin American music. This was partly how I learned the Spanish language. At that time, Julieta was putting out her album SI, and I remember her song "Andar Conmigo" was heard everywhere: the radio, the supermarket, the shops, the taxis ... I became a huge fan of her music from that moment on. I loved her blending of pop and traditional Mexican, her voice, her accordion. To have the opportunity to sing together with Julieta, recorded in Buenos Aires, it is something almost unreal and a great thrill for me!"

The new song is the third single off the upcoming album. Singles "Todo Tiene Su Fin," which first debuted with Complex and the multi-lingual lead single 'Oiseau Sauvage,' out now, all center around the album's core theme of time. The album, Tempo is La Nena's third full-length release, after 2013's critically acclaimed Ela, and her internationally-flavored indie-folk collection called Soyo in 2015. With its blend of pop, world, and chamber music, you may hear Tempo as a response to, or a respite from, difficult times. And you wouldn't be wrong, although La Nena says that wasn't intentional. "Composing and writing are is a mysterious and very unconscious process for me. Everything in my life is a source of inspiration and has had an influence on my music and lyrics. Since I've become a mother, it has raised a lot of questions about the value of time and life. Consequently some of these questions are very present on the album: birth, anticipation, aging, death" comments Dom La Nena.

With the new album, the Brazilian-born, Paris-based artist, Dom La Nena, has created a series of small, crystalline moments - sometimes sunny, often dreamy, and occasionally laced with that beautiful nostalgia the Brazilians call saudade. Tempo marks the return of a distinctive and exceptional musician. It's about time.

The new single will be released with an accompanied music video directed by Jeremiah, known for his work with REM, Tinariwen, Jane Birkin, and Piers Faccini to name a few. Watch the new video for "Quién Podrá Saberlo" video here:

Presave/Preorder Tempo:

"Like the rest of the album, La Nena puts her talents as a producer to full use, employing minimalist arrangements to maximum effect. With a light touch, she uses just a few core elements - a gentle cello melody and her feather-light vocals form the core, rounding them out with wordless vocals and a few subtle production flourishes to create a soft yet warm and uplifting folk sound." - Complex

"This first single is one of sincerity and beauty, and if Tempo carries the same majestic quality, 2021 is already looking all the much brighter." - Atwood Magazine

"The graceful three-language song (Spanish, Portuguese, French) and first single off her upcoming album Tempo, traverses through a dreamy world of sensations with sophisticated looping techniques and layering vocals as the song dwells on mother-offspring emotions through a cinematic video directed by Jeremiah (R.E.M.) in collaboration with French magician Etienne Saglio." - Billboard


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