Crossover Singer Melissa L. Granato Releases New Version of Classic Song 'My Funny Valentine'

Crossover Singer Melissa L. Granato Releases New Version of Classic Song 'My Funny Valentine'

Crossover Singer Melissa L. Granato Releases New Version of Classic Song 'My Funny Valentine'

Your Valentine awaits - Crossover Singer Melissa L Granato featuring Alienwolf releases their version of the classic song "My Funny Valentine". A song that captures the "Jazzy Essence" that composer's Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart had originally envisioned.

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"My Funny Valentine" is a show tune originally written in 1937 by composers Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart for a musical called Babes in Arms. "My Funny Valentine" became a popular jazz standard, appearing on over 1300 albums performed by over 600 artists.

"Our version of My Funny Valentine is meant to be a dialogue between our instruments, to express the haunting Beauty of Love," says singer Melissa L. Granato. "Our reasoning to release this song for Valentine's Day is that many people can relate to the concept of having a 'Funny Valentine' in our own lives, whether we are single, married, divorced, or happily acquainted. Whether you're with or without a love interest on Valentine's Day, "My Funny Valentine" can help to magnify your personal bliss or angst; depending on your expectations of your own "Lovers Holiday". I find a lot of humor in the song due to my own personal experiences on Valentine's day. If your relationship doesn't work on Valentine's day, it won't work on the 364 days of the year. Right? Unfortunately, most of our expectations are seldomly met on Valentine's day. Who is your Funny Valentine?"

Melissa and Alienwolf have been incorporating Opera, Classical and Jazz music to their stage and recording performances. Most of their performances have been for private events. They look forward to performing to larger audiences in 2017. When Melissa chose to record this song, she wanted to create a different experience and sound. Melissa and Alienwolf have a forthcoming music video for "My Funny Valentine" that is a directed by Sohrab Mirmont.

"We really wanted to release something unique for this song. The original track is about love and its special power to make you see beyond the flesh. So with the help of our incredible trumpet player (Alienwolf), we were able to capture some amazing visuals, both dark and light. Alienwolf's unique look, mixed with Melissa's hauntingly beautiful voice and classic beauty, melded everything together, and I think we have something that we are all proud of," said Director Sohrab Mirmont.

Melissa L. Granato is launching her version of "My Funny Valentine" just in time for Valentine's Day.

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About Alienwolf

New Orleans Trumpeter and Instrumentalist .
Ranked #1 jazz recording artist on the New Orleans Jazz charts.

Winner of the Doc Severinsen award who was best known as the leader of the NBC Tonight Show Orchestra.

Great Great grandfather descendant of Professor Michael Cupero famous New Orleans conductor and big band leader.

About Sohrab Mirmont

Mirmont is the founder and CEO of Mirmont Pictures, a full-service film production company with production credits ranging from Disney to HBO, and has produced projects with various stars such as Robert Redford and Dita Von Teese. Mirmont's recent music videos have won awards at the LA Femme Film Festival, and the California Women's Film Festival, and has been nominated into over 40 festivals including the San Diego Film Festival (2016) and recently Assistant Directed the 2017 Sundance Film Festival hit, "Snatchers".