Coby Brown's Brand New Video TOKYO Has Exclusive Worldwide Premiere Via Vents Magazine

Coby Brown's Brand New Video TOKYO Has Exclusive Worldwide Premiere Via Vents Magazine

Singer/songwriter/composer Coby Brown's brand new video "Tokyo" has its exclusive worldwide premiere via Vents Magazine today; check it outhere. Of the path that led to the making of the video, Coby Brown explained, "The director, Rennie Solis, and I had been talking about making a video forever. I'd just finished recording "Tokyo" and it seemed like an obvious candidate for a video to us both. We kept thinking of versions we could shoot domestically, but to no avail. Rennie suggested we just go shoot something in Tokyo, but between work and kids it seemed like a long shot. But then the Universe stepped in. We went to a work event for my wife where Delta was one of the sponsors. The sponsors all had games and were giving away gifts. We were getting ready to leave when someone said, "you guys should go play the Delta game, my friend just won a trip to Shanghai." As soon as I heard that, I bee-lined over there.

We waited in line to play this game where there was a wall of screens, like on Jeopardy. The screens all looked like closed window shades on a plane. When you touched the screen, the window shade went up to reveal a location. If you matched three of the same cities in 5 tries, you won two first class roundtrip tickets to that city. The whole time I was waiting in line I just knew I was coming away with a trip to Tokyo. When I went up, I got a NYC, then a Tokyo, then a DC, but then another Tokyo. With my 5th pick, I was about to choose a screen way over at the side of the board when I stopped...I chose the one directly in front of me and, lo and behold, it was Tokyo! Eight months later, I was sitting in first class in Delta headed to Japan. Sometimes you just gotta believe!"

Coby Brown is a Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter/composer. He most recently scored IFC's "The Man Who Knew Infinity" (dir. Matt Brown), a biopic of the Indian mathematical genius S.K. Ramanujan, starring Jeremy Irons and Dev Patel. Brown's songs have appeared in films including "Nothing But the Truth", "The River Why" and "Answers to Nothing" and many TV shows, including Showtime's "Shameless" and CW's "The Flash" . His song "Hospital" was covered by Counting Crows on their covers record UNDERWATER SUNSHINE. Coby Brown is currently in the studio wrapping up work on new music with former Beck sideman/Prince collaborator Justin Stanley. The album will be due out early next year.

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