Rossi's Bar and Grill in NJ Celebrates 80th Anniversary, 11/18

Rossi's Bar and Grill in NJ Celebrates 80th Anniversary, 11/18

Rossi's Bar & Grill, the iconic landmark Italian restaurant and "Home of the Rossiburger" will kick off its 80th anniversary with a week of festivities beginning on Monday, November 18. Located in the Chambersburg section of Trenton, Rossi's story began in 1933 at 501 Morris Avenue when current owners Michael and Sharon Rossi's grandparents first opened their doors to the neighborhood residents.

The restaurant quickly became a gathering place for families and workers as well as local sports stars and politicians, eventually becoming the favorite spot of Yankee great Joe DiMaggio and many other professional athletes. Rossi's kitchen began by serving casual home style food based on family recipes. It was Al Rossi, Michael and Sharon's father, who actually developed the famous "Rossiburger" which has been hailed as central Jersey's best burger by New Jersey Monthly and featured on the Travel Channel's BURGERLAND and HAMBURGER AMERICA, the guidebook to 150 of the country's most memorable burgers.

But as anyone who has been to Rossi's knows, the heart of the business is the family: Mike, Sharon, Ted and Joanna and their parents and grandparents before them, as well as the committed and hardworking staff led by Bob Beetel and Claire Zoller. It is this family: their dedication, their traditions, their stories, their welcoming smiles along with the great food that makes Rossi's special and that has allowed Rossi's to endure for 80 years.

As part of the 80th anniversary celebration, Rossi's Bar & Grill will announce its move to a new and larger location in the spring of 2014. The new restaurant will mark a partnership with Mike Rossi and Alan Meinster, owner of another long-time former Chambersburg eatery, Marsilio's, and now Marsilio's Kitchen in Ewing. Together they will continue to provide customers with the excellent, casual and affordable food that has been Rossi's trademark, only in a larger, more comfortable environment.

For Meinster, the partnership means an association with "a very special place that has been run by the most humble, generous and hardworking people I know."

For Michael and the Rossi family the move is bittersweet, "We will always remember and be thankful to our customers for their loyalty; who despite a wait for tables, no convenient parking and snow covered streets in winter continued to come to Rossi's." Michael wants to assure everyone that aside from a nice big parking lot nothing about Rossi's will change except the location.

For the 80th celebration Rossi's will have guest appearances, food and drink specials, gift certificate raffles, mailing list sign ups and prize giveaways.

Rossi's Bar & Grill is located at 501 Morris Avenue, Trenton, NJ. Hours include Monday - Saturday Lunch 11:30-2:30PM and Dinner 5-10PM.

For more information call 609-575-8384.