Marinas Menu: KPOP Hot Sauce Complements Fave Foods

Marinas Menu: KPOP Hot Sauce Complements Fave Foods

Marinas Menu: KPOP Hot Sauce Complements Fave Foods

Have you tried KPOP Sauce? Many people who have prefer it to Sriracha for a spicy, delicious flavor. KPOP is based on a secret family recipe made with real Korean chili peppers, gochujang. Tangy, it has a medium heat, one that perfectly complements your favorite foods.

You can put KPOP Sauce on everything from burritos and pizza to eggs, chicken, sushi rolls and more. Try it as a dip with veggies, as a salad dressing or as a marinade for fish, meat and vegetables. You'll love the bold but smooth taste.

Find out what loyal customers are saying about KPOP Sauce!

Lindsey: "My new favorite sauce! I put it on EVERYTHING!"

Anthony: "Up your sauce game and give this a try. You won't regret it and you'll probably never have another meal without it again."

Kathryn: "It isn't too hot and has the perfect amount of chili heat to really kick up the flavor on my eggs and salads."

Mike and Theo, the co-founders of KPOP Foods, grew up as Korean Americans in families that celebrated delicious food. After meeting at UCLA, they shared their love of Korean flavors with new friends who enjoyed them greatly. Mike and Theo became inspired to create KPOP Foods.

We spoke with Mike Kim, one of the company's founders. "Our goal is to make KPOP Foods the premier Korean food company in America. Currently, we are focused on leveraging the community we've already built to grow our sales channels, and increasing brand awareness through media content creation and social media. As we expand distribution, we'll be launching more sauces, snacks and other foods as part of the KPOP Foods brand."

KPOP Foods is located in Los Angeles, California. Visit them online at You will also love the original recipes on their web site that use their sauce. Be sure to follow KPOP on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and YouTube @KPOPFoods.

Photo Credit: Courtesy of KPOP Foods


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