The Funkey Monkeys Perform Family Concerts at The Jewish Museum, 11/11

The Funkey Monkeys will perform two concerts for families at The Jewish Museum on Sunday, November 11 at 11:30 am and 2:00 pm. Described as "Seinfeld meets the Wiggles," this uniquely hip eight-member band incorporates funny sketches and improvised bits, along with their special brand of funky kid's music, ranging from driving afrobeat to ethereal ballads. Funkey Monkeys will perform songs ranging from their new single, "Baba Ganoush (Do You Want To Eat A Pita?)" to recent hits such as "Mustache" and "Cupcake," and let audience favorite Monkey Mike loose for adventures in the Museum.   

The Funkey Monkeys Perform Family Concerts at The Jewish Museum, 11/11Tickets are $18 per adult; $13 per child; $15 adult Jewish Museum family level member; and $11 child Jewish Museum family level member. This concert is for children ages 2 to 6. Adults are asked to accompany their children. For further information or to purchase tickets, the public may call 212.423.3337 or

Joshua Sitron, composer and musical director for Nickelodeon's Dora the Explorer, conceived of Funkey Monkeys in 2000. The debut album, FunkeyMonkeys!, was recorded in 2001, and featured some of Broadway and television's best child stars. Soon after, Sitron (keyboard) began getting requests to hire the 'monkeys' to play live and formed a band, including Eric Beyondo (trumpet), Stuart Bogie (saxophone), Brian Carter (drums), Mike Gold (balloons), Annette Guarrasi (vocals), Shawn Shafner (vocals) and Carey White (vocals). They take inspiration from diverse sources such as The Muppet Show's breaking of the 4th wall, Saturday Night Live's combination of sketch comedy and music, and Moulin Rouge's freedom to mix and match original and cover music in medleys and mash-ups. The Funkey Monkeys band made its live stage debut in September 2003. The band's CDs include Sing, Dance, and UnderpantsTastes Like Chicken; and Mustache. Their most recent album, Jewish 'Til You're Satisfied, was released in 2008 and features seriously funked up Jewish classics.