Lloyd Culbreath and Valarie Pettiford to Hold NYC Fosse Workshop in February


Veteran Bob Fosse dancers Lloyd Culbreath and Valarie Pettiford will be teaching a Fosse Workshop February 4,5,6,& 7th in New York City at Manhattan Movement and Arts Center. The workshop will be comprised of 45 invited professional dancers. The dancers will be taught several Fosse numbers that best comprise the style and technique of the legendary Broadway director and choreographer.

Nicole Fosse, Director and Artistic Adviser for the Fosse Verdon Estate hopes to accomplish several objectives over the course of the workshop, "I want this current generation of working dancers to get the best possible people teaching them my father's material. There are so many false impressions out there of what my father's style and technique is.....by using Fosse Verdon Estate sanctioned teachers, I feel this current generation of dancers will have a much cleaner understanding of what it takes to perform Fosse material".

Official website: www.verdonfosse.com

Photo Credit: Christopher Duggan